Easy Summer Salad Ideas to Impress Your Guests

These easy summer salad ideas are perfect for family parties or cookouts this summer. I always make a few salads when we entertain in the summer because they can usually be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator. I hate having to be in the kitchen cooking when everyone else is chatting and having fun. There are so many different types of salads you could make, but here are a few of my favorites.

Easy Summer Salad Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Easy Summer Salad Ideas

The word salad means a lot of different things. According to the dictionary, a salad is a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish, or other ingredients. I tend to be partial to vegetable salads with the occasional pasta salad thrown in for variety. If you’re looking for a refreshing summer mocktail, try my Watermelon Lime Aqua Fresca.

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Things to think about

When putting together your summer salad, don’t forget to think outside of the box. There’s more to a salad than just lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Have you thought about adding a few edible flowers to your salad? Pansies are one of my favorite edible flowers. Not only do they make your salad look pretty, they taste delicious.

Also, consider what you want to top your salad with. Homemade dressing is a delicious option to offer your guests. You may want to try my Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing or my Herb Infused Balsamic Vinegar.

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Serving Tip

If you’re entertaining outside, it can be helpful to use a metal serving tray to carry everything outside. Otherwise, you’ll end up making endless trips in and out of the house with food, drinks, and extra napkins. After all, summer should be about relaxing, not about spending more time in the kitchen.

What types of summer salads do you enjoy?

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  1. Jenna Wood says:
    I've had a few salads with fresh flowers lately- they were quite refreshing for Spring! I also want to try a lardon fris salad with a poached egg.
  2. Oh my thanks for the vinegar video. That's a great idea. I also would like to try the Healthy Broccoli Salad with Bacon
  3. OK, how did I not know pansies were edible?! I've not tried edible flowers but would like to. I've eaten flour made out of crickets, so I'm up for most anything!
  4. Melissa C says:
    Love the recipe for the ambrosia salad saving to make this summer!
  5. Carolsue says:
    Thanks for the ideas! We all love salad here!
  6. I have never met a salad that I didn't like. These all look great to me. I want to try them all. Before I serve them to anyone else, they have to impress me first.
  7. Saundra McKenzie says:
    The ambrosia salad looks so good.
  8. These are great ideas for delicious salads.

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