Prepare For Emergency Financial Needs When Far From Home

Have you ever wondered how you would handle emergency financial needs if you’re not at home? When many people think of emergency preparedness, they think of extra food, first aid supplies, batteries and getting the garden planted each year. Those are all very important ways to prepare, but what about financial needs? Prepare for Emergency […]

Rainwater Harvesting DIY Projects to Make at Home

Have you given any thought to rainwater harvesting DIY projects? With all of the changes to our world and our weather, it seems like this may make sense. Most importantly, we need to understand water isn’t an unending resource. There are things we can do to help. Rainwater Harvesting DIY Projects Whether you want to […]

Preparing Pets and Livestock for Winter Weather and Cold

Preparing pets and livestock for winter weather is just as important as protecting your family from winter weather. While you and the kids can come inside when it starts to snow or the temperatures drop, your outdoor animals cannot. These tips will help you ensure that they’re warm, safe, and dry during even the coldest, […]

Preparing for Winter Driving and Winter Emergencies

Preparing for winter driving is an absolute must. Here in Vermont, winter driving means ice, snow, and dangerous roads. I always make sure to have supplies in the car in case we’re stranded somewhere or in an accident during winter weather. It may never happen but it’s always good to be prepared. Preparing for Winter […]

25+ Wild Edibles Recipes to Keep Your Grocery Budget Down

With the rising cost of groceries, some people are considering how wild edibles recipes can help keep their grocery budget in check. Wild edibles may sound exotic but basically, it simply means edible food that grows wild around your home. This may mean the wild blackberries you have growing along the border of the woods […]

Homemade Rain Barrels for Conserving Water at Home

Have you been considering adding a few homemade rain barrels to help conserve water? Over the past few years, I’ve heard more and more on the news about droughts affecting people’s water supply. While we’re using to hearing about droughts in places like California, it’s starting to become more of an issue in other areas. […]

Home Well Water Testing Kits for Family Fun and Safety

Have you ever wondered about home well water testing kits and whether or not you should test your water? We live in the country and our water supply comes from a well. We read about the importance of having our water tested each spring. But, I’ve always wondered exactly how to test our water and […]

Create a Fire Safety Exit Plan for Fire Prevention Month

Do you have a fire safety exit plan for your family? We all know the importance of fire safety but is it something you practice regularly with your family? It’s all too easy to become complacent about fire safety once we’ve installed a smoke detector. But, there is a lot more to fire prevention than that. […]

Cooking the Dutch Oven Way [25 Recipes to Cook Today]

Cooking the Dutch Oven way is the ideal way to cook while camping. I love my Dutch Oven.  In the summer we can cook over an open fire outside.  In the winter I can use it on my wood stove. Or, I can just use it on top of the kitchen stove. A Dutch Oven is […]

Emergency Preparedness for Cats and Other Pets [6 Tips]

Have you considered emergency preparedness for cats and other pets? Marty and I believe strongly in being prepared for emergencies. We’ve created bug-out bags for our family and put together food storage lists. While we’ve added cat food and litter to our supplies, we haven’t really prepared for emergencies for our cats beyond that. This post […]