How to Remove Stains From Your Clothes Naturally

Have you wondered how to remove stains from your clothes naturally? Before my husband became disabled, he worked at a large retail store in the maintenance department. They didn’t provide uniforms. So, I had to become an expert in learning to remove stains. Posts may be sponsored. Post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated […]

Quinoa Salad Recipe with Cucumber, Tomato and Feta

You are going to love this easy quinoa salad recipe! It’s the time of year when it is absolutely too hot to heat up the kitchen by turning the stove on! When it gets this hot, I send my husband outside to grill the main entree. And, I start looking for an easy cold salad […]

Computer Preparation for Storm Season: What to Do Now

When you rely on technology as much as we do, computer preparation for storm season is vital. I work online so my computer is my livelihood. Computer damage can be costly and it can involve a trip to the city for repairs. Being prepared can help make storm season as stress-free as possible. Posts may […]

Tips to Stay Fresh All Day in the Summer Heat

Check out these tips to stay fresh all day in the summer heat! Temperatures here in Vermont have been much warmer than normal this year. It seems like it’s been hot and humid almost every day this summer And, it’s really tough to feel fresh when you’re hot and sweaty. When you add hot flashes […]

Rustic Garden Decorating Ideas and Flower Suggestions

I just love a rustic garden! Now that summer is in full swing here in rural Vermont, I have been enjoying my garden more and more each day. There is nothing more relaxing than wandering around the garden enjoying the flowers and the sunshine. Summer doesn’t last that long here. And, I want to enjoy […]

Blue Lake Beans Recipe With Bacon and Potatoes – Instant Pot

Check out this easy Blue Lake beans recipe with potatoes! You can have it on the table fast using your Instant Pot or pressure cooker. I hate heating up the kitchen in the summer. But, I still want to have a healthy dinner on the table at the end of the day. My Instant Pot […]

Alternative Food Sources for Healthy Food When Food Costs Rise

Have you ever thought about alternative food sources? Like you, when I grocery shop I am very aware of the prices I’m paying. Some weeks it seems like all the prices have gone up and with my wages going down or at the best staying the same, that concerns me. That means I need to […]

Orange Peel Soap Recipe With Dried Orange Slices

Check out this easy orange peel soap recipe! I love how cute these soaps look with the dried orange slices! This citrus soap recipe is such an energizing way to start the morning! Did you know that citrus is considered an energizing essential oil? So, if you’re struggling in the morning, just grab something with […]

Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe that’s Keto Friendly

Check out this mint chocolate chip cake recipe! It’s keto friendly so if you are watching what you eat, feel free to cut yourself a slice and enjoy! My husband loves desserts, but he is trying to watch what he eats a little bit better. Thankfully, this cake is exactly what he is looking for. […]

How to Get Children Physically Involved Outdoors as Teens

Wondering how to get children physically involved outdoors? Most of the time, you can find the kids on the couch or in their rooms connected to some sort of electronic device. It might be their phones, a game system, or the television. But, chances are they aren’t outside being active. Posts may be sponsored. Post […]