End of Summer Home Maintenance Tips to Tackle Now

Are you wondering what type of end of summer home maintenance tips you need to take care of? Summer is starting to wind down here in Vermont.  Our temperatures at night are starting to get down into the forties.  I’m beginning to see a few golden yellow leaves on the trees which tells me all […]

Fall Bird Feeding Tips for Wild Backyard Birds Year Round

My husband loves feeding the birds and identifying which ones visit us throughout the year. These fall bird feeding tips will get you started on a fun lifelong hobby. In Vermont, we have different birds for different seasons. Some of them visit us only in the spring or summer. Some of them stay with us […]

Stress Relieving Bath Bombs to Help Manage Stress and PMS

Check out how easy it is to make these stress-relieving bath bombs! Did you know that stress can cause or make worse many health-related diseases? Things like heart disease, depression, Alzheimers, obesity, diabetes, and depression are all more likely if you have continuously high-stress levels. So, how do we manage stress? Posts may be sponsored. […]

Apple Rhubarb Pie Recipe with Canned Apple Pie Filling

Check out this easy Apple Rhubarb Pie Recipe! Many years ago, we were given a rhubarb plant by my Great Uncle. We planted it and pretty much ignored it for the next few years. Now, it’s grown into a huge rhubarb plant. And, I look forward to making rhubarb recipes every spring. Posts may be […]

Workout Accessories That Motivate Me to Move

Check out these workout accessories that motivate me! I try to work out regularly. Some days I am seriously lacking in motivation.  I look at my athletic shoes. I look at my exercise bike. That’s about as far as it goes. I know I need to work out and I have great intentions for some […]

How to Make Trail Mix from Healthier Ingredients

Are you wondering how to make trail mix from healthier ingredients? I love snacking but it seems like the typical snack foods aren’t all that good for you to snack on. And, while I love making my own snacks, there are times I want something fast and easy. Thankfully, this trail mix is a healthier […]

What To Do With Too Much Fresh Mint From the Garden

Do you have too much fresh mint? Years ago, I decided that I wanted to plant as many herbs as possible in my herb garden and around the house. I love being able to walk outside in the summer and snip off fresh herbs to cook or use in crafts.  So, while not all the […]

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie Recipe For Dinner

You are going to love this Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie recipe! Did you know sweet potatoes are high in fiber and the antioxidant beta-carotene? Sweet potatoes also have more vitamins than white potatoes. And, despite what you may think, sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes. This makes them an amazing choice […]

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps and Their Use

Have you been wondering about the health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps? I purchased one a few years ago because I fell in love with the style. I didn’t really know much about how to use a Himalayan Salt Lamp. But, I have been researching the history and wanted to share a few thoughts with […]

Essential Oil Crafts to Destress With and Give as Gifts

Looking for essential oil crafts to destress with? Essential oils can be diffused in a diffuser, many can be added to our bath, and some can be taken orally. I generally create scented products using essential oils to enjoy at home.  These same crafts can easily be given as easy homemade gift ideas. Posts may […]