How to Pack a Lunch Salad Container So It Travels Well

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Knowing how to pack a lunch salad container can make all the difference in how it tastes! When I take my lunch to go, I usually pack a salad of some sort. It’s healthy, easy, affordable and fast. But, if […]

The Benefits of Tart Cherry and Ester-C® Vitamin C

This post is sponsored by Osteo Bi-Flex®. All opinions are my own. It is not a secret that what we eat has a huge impact on how we feel. Have you ever over-eaten or not felt well after you ate something? That feeling is often your body’s way of letting you know it’s not impressed […]

Why Electrolyzed Water is All You Need to Clean Your Kitchen Naturally

Have you wondered about electrolyzed water and how to clean with it? When it comes to household chemicals, I’ve always tried to avoid anything that could be harmful to our kids or pets. After all, have you ever looked at the back of some of the cleaners you find at the grocery store? I don’t […]

How to Loosen Mucus Naturally and Breathe Again

If you’ve ever had a chest cold and felt like an elephant was sitting on your chest, you’re probably wondering if you can loosen mucus naturally so you can actually breathe again. I hate being sick, and I’m not a good patient. I don’t like staying in bed or resting and not being able to […]

Black Cherry Smoothie with Stevia and Greek Yogurt

This Black Cherry Smoothie is absolutely the perfect breakfast on a busy morning! I love starting my mornings with a smoothie. They are so easy to make. You just throw everything in the blender and WHIZZ a few minutes later breakfast is ready. The type of fruit I add to my smoothie really depends on […]

Can We Stop or Reverse the Effects of Climate Change?

Can we stop or reverse the effects of climate change? No matter where you live, chances are you have heard someone talking about climate change. The polar ice caps are shrinking. Temperatures are rising. Permafrost is melting and releasing gasses into our environment. Weather patterns are changing. The discussion about the effects seems to be […]

Gluten Free Chipotle Taco Bowl with Rice Recipe

This Taco Bowl with Rice is the perfect gluten free meal for busy families. Some nights, I just do not have time to cook dinner entirely from scratch. I hate it when I don’t plan ahead well enough and end up having to resort to something less than healthy. I experimented over the weekend and […]

Do You Find It Difficult to Swallow Pills?

This post is sponsored by Osteo Bi-Flex. All opinions are my own. Do you find it difficult to swallow pills? I know I do. My husband has no problems taking pills – even multiple pills at one time. But, I just can’t do it. Even average sized pills can be difficult for me to swallow, […]

How to Get a Close Shave Without Razor Burn Irritation

Have you ever tried to get a close shave without razor burn irritation? If you’re like me, you usually end up with a red, irritated, bumpy rash on your legs. That’s definitely not the look you were hoping for. As someone with very sensitive skin, I seem to be more prone to razor burn than […]

What Are The Health Benefits of Turmeric?

This post is sponsored by Osteo Bi-Flex. All opinions are my own. What are the health benefits of turmeric? I’ve read quite a bit about the different benefits of taking supplements that contain turmeric and wanted to share a few thoughts with you about this popular subject. You may be familiar with turmeric already, especially […]