Healthy Easter Ideas for Busy Families to Enjoy

Check out these healthy Easter ideas to make the most of your holiday. So, Easter is one of my favorite holidays. But, it’s not because of the baskets full of Easter candy. I love the theme of spring and resurrection and new beginnings. Healthy Easter Ideas Finding healthy Easter ideas can be a challenge. It […]

How to Prevent a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Have you ever wondered why you keeping getting urinary tract infections (UTIs) and how to prevent them? At 52, I’ve had my share of UTIs and I’ve educated my daughter on the steps she should take to try to prevent them as well. No matter how committed we are, behavioral and lifestyle changes alone aren’t […]

Prepare For Emergency Financial Needs When Far From Home

Have you ever wondered how you would handle emergency financial needs if you’re not at home? When many people think of emergency preparedness, they think of extra food, first aid supplies, batteries and getting the garden planted each year. Those are all very important ways to prepare, but what about financial needs? Prepare for Emergency […]

Dandelion Green Recipe and Cooking Dandelion Greens

Do you have a favorite dandelion green recipe? I look forward to the first dandelions I see appear in my front yard. And, if you enjoy cooking dandelion greens, chances are you do too. Cooking Dandelion Greens Cooking dandelion greens is actually very simple. For the most part, I don’t even use a recipe. I […]

Rainwater Harvesting DIY Projects to Make at Home

Have you given any thought to rainwater harvesting DIY projects? With all of the changes to our world and our weather, it seems like this may make sense. Most importantly, we need to understand water isn’t an unending resource. There are things we can do to help. Rainwater Harvesting DIY Projects Whether you want to […]

Make Your Own Powdered Laundry Detergent For Pennies

Have you ever wondered if you can make your own powdered laundry detergent? We’re on a mission to lower our grocery bill and making our own cleaning products is something we’re experimenting with. Make Your Own Powdered Laundry Detergent This is the best homemade laundry detergent recipe I’ve tried so far. I may tweak it […]

Basic Coconut Macaroons and Coconut Macaroon Variations

So, these basic coconut macaroons are the perfect springtime or Easter treat. When I think of coconut, it always reminds me of Easter time. Of course, you can enjoy any of these coconut macaroon variations any time you want. Basic Coconut Macaroons What are coconut macaroons made of? Basic coconut macaroons are made of shredded […]

DIY Crafts Paper Flowers to Make at Home for Spring

Now, if you enjoy DIY crafts, you need to check out these simple paper flowers to make. By March, I’m starting to feel like spring will never arrive. Our front yard is a mix of brown grass, mud, and dirty snow. There are definitely no flowers in sight.   DIY Crafts Paper Flowers to Make […]

Posture and Back Pain and How to Improve Your Posture

I’ve often wondered about the connection between posture and back pain.  I’ve had lower back pain for most of my life and lately, I have been wondering if there is a way to improve your posture that will help reduce back pain.   Posture and Back Pain  Posture is something that I am not really aware […]

Personal Safety Tips for Walking Alone at Dusk or at Night

If you love walking, check out these safety tips for walking alone. I really enjoy walking as a way to exercise and a way to relax. Marty is disabled and not able to join me on my walks. So that means I generally walk by myself, and that’s OK.  I’ve turned it into a little […]