How to Make Pickled Beets With Honey [Easy Canning Recipe]

Have you ever made pickled beets with honey? I know that most recipes use sugar, but I did a bit of experimenting and came up with a recipe that uses honey instead of sugar. The taste is fairly similar and it’s just as easy to make. I’ve been working on purchasing more things that are […]

Tips for Storing Fresh Herbs When You Have Too Much

I love my herb garden. It’s one of my favorite gardens. Not only are herbs attractive but there is nothing more rewarding than walking out to the garden and snipping a few fresh herbs to use when cooking dinner. I love using fresh herbs as long as possible but as the weather turns colder, I […]

How to Make Celery Powder in Your Dehydrator

Wondering how to make celery powder? Have you ever picked up a jar of your favorite spice, herb or seasoning and looked at the ingredients? I have really been trying to be aware of what’s actually in the foods I eat.  Some of the celery powders I have seen in the store contain fillers and, […]

How to Make Mandarin Orange Marmalade [Small Batch]

Are you wondering how to make mandarin orange marmalade? I have always made our own jams and jellies.  If you’ve never tasted homemade jam, jelly, preserves or marmalade, you don’t know what you’re missing.  There is just no comparison to the type you buy at the store. I’ve made a number of different types of […]

How to Make Vegetable Stock

Learning how to make vegetable stock has helped me make delicious soups while keeping the costs down. I love making my own soups especially in the winter when the temperature drops.  The taste of a homemade soup is so much better than canned soups. Plus, you can be in total control of what you put […]

Strawberry Marmalade Recipe

This strawberry marmalade recipe is a great way to enjoy fresh strawberries. I love strawberries and we try to go strawberry picking each year.  I prefer to buy strawberries in season so when I want to enjoy them at another time of the year, I make sure I’ve made strawberry jam or this strawberry marmalade […]

How To Make Banana Jam from Overripe Bananas

So, I learned how to make banana jam years ago.  Bananas were marked down at the grocery store because they were getting spots. I was certain I would use them all before they turned but  I didn’t.  So, I really hate to see anything go to waste. I found a recipe that taught me how […]

Flavored Vinegar – Make Your Own

Flavored vinegar is one of the things that I enjoy putting on my salads and fresh vegetables. It’s a little indulgence that helps make salads taste better to me.  Flavored vinegar can be purchased at the store but it’s very easy to make your own flavored vinegar at home. All you need are a few […]