Date Night After 40: 4 Simple Tips to Get Ready

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Date night after 40? Does such a thing even exist? Marty and I had several years when the kids were little that we never had time for date night together. It was just too busy and finding a sitter was always a challenge when we did manage to have time. Now that we’re older, the kids are older and no longer in need of a sitter. We finally have the flexibility and the time to make plans for date night. This post is sponsored by Lubrigyn, but the story is my own.

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Date Night After 40: 4 Simple Tips to Get Ready

Date Night After 40: 4 Simple Tips to Get Ready

Getting ready for date night is a little bit different when you’re married than single. And, it’s a little bit different when you’re planning a date night after 40. Here are a few tips that are making the process a little bit easier for Marty and me.

Don’t assume

I know you’ve been married for a while and you probably think you know everything about your partner’s likes and dislikes. But, you may be surprised. Don’t assume that you know what they’ll enjoy doing on date night. Ask your partner’s preferences. They may be tired of your usual restaurant choice. Or, they may be more in the mood to go bowling than dancing. Communication is essential when planning a date.

Talk to the kids

Assuming that your children are old enough to be left without supervision, make sure that you have a discussion with them about what is and isn’t allowed. Can they have friends over? Can they go out? Should they order Pay Per View? You don’t want to spend your entire night worrying about what they’re doing when you’re away.

Dress comfortably

Dressing for a date over 40 isn’t a lot different than dressing for any other date. Yes, you want to look attractive, but you should try to dress comfortably as well. Look for clothes that are dressier than what you usually wear without being too tight, too low cut or just not comfortable. Don’t forget to think about arch support when choosing your shoes. This is especially important if you’ll be dancing or spending a lot of time on your feet. A casual dinner date outfit is fine for most dates.

Date Night After 40: 4 Simple Tips to Get Ready

Be prepared for anything

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Favorite quote

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Having a date night after 40 doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow these simple tips. Have you started planning your special night?

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  1. My husband and I try to do a date night every few months. At 45 it is easier since our kids are older. Those early days in our 20s were rough!

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