Beneficial Plants for Your Garden To Repel Pests and Animals

Wondering about beneficial plants for your garden? I love gardening but I’ll be the first person to tell you that it’s a lot of work keeping my yard and garden the way I want it. Even if you ignore the raking, weeding, mowing and watering that comes along with owning a beautiful lawn or garden, […]

How to Grow in a Window Box: Simple Tips for Beginners

Have you wondered how to grow in a window box? I hear a lot of people complaining that they can’t have a garden because they don’t have enough room on their property or they live in an apartment with no yard. How to Grow in a Window Box While it would be difficult to have […]

Herbs with Health Benefits That You Can Grow Yourself

Herbs with health benefits can be the answer for you in many cases.  I prefer to use something natural for relief when I have aches and pains before I try an over the counter medicine. Herbs have been used for thousands of years long before traditional medications were available.  Many herbs have more antioxidants than […]

Planting Trees in the Spring: What You Need to Start

If you’re thinking about planting trees in the spring, check out this post. I’m sharing my experience and what you need to start. I’m in zone 4 in rural Vermont. So, my experiences will be based on where I live. You may need to tailor them slightly for your planting zone. Planting Trees in the […]

Growing Citrus Trees Inside: 5 Helpful Growing Tips

Have you ever tried growing citrus trees inside? Our growing season in Vermont is only about six months long. On a good year, we can start lettuce at the beginning of May and harvest pumpkins at the beginning of October. Growing indoor plants is an absolute must if you want to have green growing things […]

Best Fall Bulbs for Spring Blooms and Vibrant Colors

Fall is a busy time in the garden. Not only do you need to clean up any flowers that have died, but you also need to plant the best fall bulbs for spring blooms. In Vermont, the bulbs we plant in the fall are the ones that will grow when spring arrives. This post was originally […]

Seasonal Garden Flags and How to Use Them in Your Garden

One simple way to dress up your garden is by using seasonal garden flags. I love working in the garden and lately, I have been looking for unique garden decor to add a bit more color to certain areas. Afterall, flowers don’t bloom year-round in Vermont. There are sometimes when the color needs a boost […]

Self Watering Containers Plants Will Grow Well In

There are several self watering containers plants will grow well in if that’s something you’re considering this year. I’m the first person to admit that gardening is a lot of work. It’s a very labor intensive hobby even if you have a small garden or two rather than one that’s several acres in size. Thankfully, […]

Lilacs and Landscaping Ideas You Can Add to Your Yard

Are you wondering about lilacs and landscaping? We have five or six lilac trees on our property. They’ve been here for years and I love the color and the scent of our lilacs each year. Before you plant a lilac tree or decide to make it a focal point of your landscaping, there are a […]

How to Keep Rodents out of the Garden Naturally

Are you wondering how to keep rodents out of the garden? We have a vegetable, herb and flower garden and it seems like they attract a fair share of rodents during the summer. Since rodents can bring diseases with them, that’s not something I really want to encourage. While we don’t mind birds and animals […]