Bathroom Organization Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you live in a small home as we do, these bathroom organization ideas will help you keep your space clutter free. We live in a fairly small home with a very tiny bathroom. Having a tiny bathroom wouldn’t be that bad if we had several bathrooms, but we don’t.  We have one tiny bathroom.  […]

Tax Season Stress Tips and How to Keep Tax Documents Safe

It’s tax season time and if you’re feeling the stress, check out these tax season stress tips! As a small business owner, tax season is not my favorite time of year. It’s important that you keep tax documents safe when deciding how to file. That’s why I’ve been using the same tax preparation service for […]

Simple Tips for Decluttering Sentimental Photographs

Decluttering can be a challenge when you’re talking about decluttering sentimental photographs. It’s fairly easy to toss out a sweater that’s too small or a coffee cup with a chip on it. When it comes to what to do with excess family photos, the decision becomes a little bit harder. Decluttering Sentimental Photographs While you […]

Must Have Kitchen Essentials for a Minimalist Kitchen

Now that the kids have grown up and moved on, I’ve been evaluating my must-have kitchen essentials.  You may remember that we remodeled our kitchen last year and eliminated lots of clutter. We have less cupboard space than we did before so it only stands to reason that we need to have fewer things in […]

Storage Solutions for the Bedroom in a Small Home

I am always looking for storage solutions for the bedroom. We live in an 1865 farmhouse and for the most part, I really love our home. One thing we are always lacking is storage space. We never seem to have enough room for storing linens or off season clothes because our closet space is almost […]

The Benefits of Decluttering Your Possessions

Several years ago, I looked around my house and realized I had way too much stuff. No, we aren’t talking hoarders level. There were just things everywhere and each of those things had to be cleaned around and organized and taken care of. The overall lack of clear, flat surfaces was making me stressed out. […]

How to Improve Your Wardrobe With Shoe Organization Tips

Shoe organization is something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately.  I have a slight addiction to shoes, and although I have gotten rid of quite a few pairs, I know I probably still have more than I need. I love being able to choose from a variety of styles and colors each […]

How to Declutter Your Kitchen Without Creating Chaos

Have you been wondering how to declutter your kitchen? Do things fall out of the cupboards when you open them? I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I love kitchen stuff.  It’s one of my weaknesses. If it’s interesting or different or meant to save me time in the kitchen, I have probably purchased […]

How to Organize Laundry Room Chaos Easily

Do you know how to organize laundry room chaos easily? Of all of the housework chores, laundry is the one that seems the most never ending to me.  I can get all of the laundry washed, dried, folded and put away and a few hours later, there is a full basket of dirty clothes again. […]

How To Organize Your Office Supplies

One of the biggest challenges for those that work at home is figuring out how to organize your office.  For me, it’s because I don’t really have an office. I have a corner of the living room that contains my desk, computer, paperwork and supplies. While I try to keep everything neat and filed out of […]