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If you’ve ever felt like the only way you can get everything done in one day is by working 12 hours a day and living on a diet of frozen pizzas, diet soda and coffee, you’re not alone. I felt that way for years and my health suffered for it.  I was forty pounds overweight, sick, tired and fed up with everything. My house was a mess, my husband forgot what I looked like when I wasn’t wearing sweat pants and I couldn’t remember the last time I spent time with the kids.

Fast forward several years and I’ve got it (mostly) under control.  Back at goal weight, I rarely turn to processed foods and try to create meals that use healthy, whole foods. I have found a routine that works for me and my family that lets me get done everything I need to get done without neglecting myself or anyone else. Confessions of an Overworked Mom is the result of my journey toward a more healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.


I’m the mom of two “young adults.” My son is 25 and just got his own apartment with his fiance. He’s always had a flare for style and is currently a cook in a local nursing home.

I am now the proud Grandma of an adorable 12 month old granddaughter.

My daughter is 29 and just got married in 2019. She has a degree in theater design and manages the floral department in a local shop. Now that they are on their own, my husband and I are enjoying our empty nest.


Don’t worry, you won’t find any recipes that have 15 complicated steps or crafts that take you two months to complete. I know you probably don’t have any more spare time in your day than I do.  I will share healthy recipes, easy crafts & DIY projects and tips and tricks that get me through my busy days. I still drink way too much coffee and am addicted to technology but I’ve got the rest under control most of the time.

Or you can find me in the garden using things like my baking soda spray.


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