15 Easy DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas To Make

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Today I’m sharing 15 easy DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas that are perfect for that last-minute Mother’s Day gift. It’s always a struggle when it comes to knowing what to give my Mother for Mother’s Day. She loves plants and flowers, but I also like to give her something personal that I’ve made. I’ve shared a number of DIY mason jar gift ideas over the past years that will work for Mother’s Day, so I thought I’d put them all in one place in case you’re looking for a few more ideas as well.

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15 Easy DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas To Make In No Time

15 Easy DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas To Make In No Time

I always have a few dozen Mason jars on hand in different sizes. They work great as glasses, storage container, art supply holders, vases and who knows what else. They’re sturdy and not that easy to break. My husband and daughter tend to drop things regularly and most of the time, a Mason jar will survive a fall in our home.

  • Homemade bath and body products. My Mother loves body scrubs so I have given her my Peppermint Body Scrub as a gift before. Depending on your Mom and what she enjoys, you could also make a bath soak, bubble bath, homemade shampoo or conditioner, salt scrub, or scented bath salts for her. Include a scented candle and some soft fuzzy socks and you have a gift any busy mom would appreciate.
  • Home canned goods. I love to garden and to can so I almost always have a few jars of my pickled asparagus or homemade cranberry sauce. Even if you don’t have your own garden, you can buy strawberries from the grocery store or go to a pick your own berry patch and make a few jars of homemade strawberry marmalade or try my Grandmother’s banana jam. You can add a loaf of homemade bread, a cutting board and some cloth napkins for a great gift idea.
  • A small potted plant or succulent. I wrapped jute around a mini Mason jar and added a small succulent to it. This is an easy DIY gift idea that would be perfect for Moms that love gardening. I used a mini jade plant but you could also use a spider plant or a small aloe plant. Add a pair of gardening gloves and a book on gardening.

15 Easy DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas To Make In No Time

  • A glass cloche or fairy house. I love creating little fairy houses inside a Mason jar. Simply create the fairy house or butterfly/floral display on the inside of the lid and then screw the Mason jar on upside down. I love the way this butterfly cloche turned out.
  • Bean sprouting. If your Mom is into healthy living and eating, she’ll love being able to sprout her own beans. Create a bean sprouting jar, include a bag of beans for her to sprout, and add a few of your favorite recipes that use bean sprouts. I love fresh bean sprouts on our salads, and it’s so easy to make them this way.
  • Gifts in a jar.  I’ve purchased many gifts in a jar at local bake sales that were sold in Mason jars. I’ve seen everything from hot chocolate mixes and coffee mixes to brownie and banana bread mixes. You could add a wooden spoon, a few recipe cards, and some kitchen towels for a fun gift idea for a Mom that loves to bake. If your Mom is gluten intolerant, you may want to try this gluten free biscuit mix. It’s a huge hit at our house.
  • A pampering Mason jar. Does your Mom love to be pampered? Fill a Mason jar with trial sizes of shampoo, nail polish, nail files, body lotion and other bath and body products to create a Pampering Jar. You can add a soft robe and a pair of slippers to create a gift she’ll really appreciate.

Easy DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Mother's Day or any day

  • Homemade potpourri. Fill a jar with homemade potpourri or dried flowers like chamomile for tea as a gift. I love using potpourri to scent my home and herbal tea is so relaxing.

I’m sure there are dozens of other DIY Mason jar gift ideas that you can come up with to use your extra Mason jars for Mother’s Day. How do you use your extra Mason jars?

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