DIY Glass Cloche Crafts

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Looking for ways to upcycle jars? Check out this DIY glass cloche idea and get started decorating with glass jars in your home.

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DIY Glass Cloche Crafts | Upcycled Jar Crafts

DIY Glass Cloche Crafts

I love upcycling and finding new uses for things I already have at home. There’s just way too much stuff that’s going into the landfill these days and even we recycle things, it uses resources to recycle them.

It’s better to upcycle the item and find another use for it than it is for it to head to the landfill.  I always seem to have too many glass jars that I’m not using so I decided to find a few upcycled jar crafts that I could use them for.

I found this glass jar at TJMaxx a while ago and I was going to use it for something but I never did. It got pushed to the back of the cupboard and as I was decluttering the kitchen, I came across it.

I don’t have anything I need to store in it since my pantry is already loaded with glass jars I’m using for that reason. I love the unique shape of the jar and I decided it would make a cute glass cloche.

What is a cloche?

In case you’re not familiar with the term, a cloche is a glass or plastic covering that is generally used to force plants. You set it out in the garden over your seedlings in the spring to protect them from the cold temperatures.

That’s the official definition but DIY glass cloche crafts can be for just about anything. I’ve seen people create little villages of mushrooms for tiny fairies to live in.

I’ve seen people create little worlds of Lego people. I’m not quite that creative but I decided to bring a bit of the spring inside, I would create something fun with butterflies.

DIY Glass Cloche Crafts | Upcycled Jar Crafts

I found these adorable butterflies at a discount on Amazon and I love how bright and colorful they are. All I have outside right now is snow and I am really missing the colorful butterflies and flowers.

Upcycled jar crafts materials:

DIY Glass Cloche Crafts | Upcycled Jar Crafts

How to make a DIY glass cloche

  • Cut the piece of styrofoam to a size to fit inside the lid of your jar.
  • Cut the felt to cover the styrofoam. You can use whatever color you like: green for grass, brown for dirt or black to blend in.
  • Glue the felt to the styrofoam and then to the inside of the glass jar lid.
  • Poke thin wire through the felt into the styrofoam and carefully adhere the 3D butterfly stickers to the wire using the sticky adhesive circle enclosed.
  • Add as many 3D butterflies as will fit in your jar. Carefully add some artificial greenery to the bottom to disguise the wires.
  • CAREFULLY put the top on. This may require a few tries.

DIY Glass Cloche Crafts | Upcycled Jar Crafts

More upcycling jar crafts

I love upcycling jars into different types of crafts and I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite cloches that I’ve made.  It’s really easy to do and I think the end result is amazing. For more upcycled jar crafts, check out my jute wrapped succulent craft.

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  2. Cute idea! I have been really into glass terrariums right now. So many adorable possibilities. Love those butterflies, too. What a fun find.
  3. I'm with you - reuse what you have and keep stuff out of the landfills.  This is beautiful!! I thought a cloche was a hat, but now learned something new!! I'll have to try this in my garden this year.  Shared it!

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