Healthy Drinks For Kids That Aren’t Water

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I try to keep on hand a variety of healthy drinks for kids that aren’t water.   When I was younger, my mom’s response to my asking for something to drink was to tell me to drink water. While that’s definitely a great choice, there are times the kids want something else. There are a lot of different drinks that are marketed for kids but there are many that are really not very healthy.   Many drinks for kids contain high fructose corn syrup and are loaded with artificial ingredients and artificial colors. 

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Healthy Drinks For Kids That Aren't Water

Healthy Drinks For Kids

Many juices and juice drinks are very high in sugar.  I was surprised to find this when I looked at the label.  That’s not really what I want my kids to drink so lately I have been making a few of my own summer drinks for them to enjoy.

I know I can’t always control what they drink. They have their own money to buy things at their age. But, by keeping these on hand, I can at least make a difference.

This banana smoothie with ice is my favorite way to make a banana smoothie without milk. Try this easy recipe for my favorite refreshing drink.

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A Few More Tips

Remember that when you’re making drinks at home, you can always reduce the amount of sugar you use in a recipe. I really don’t like super sweet beverages so I regularly cut the sugar by a third when I’m making it.

Then, if I need to, I can add more. Of course, you can always substitute a different type of sweetener in place of the white sugar. I love stevia and use it regularly in my drinks.

It’s much easier to use the liquid than the powder in cold beverages. The kids enjoy the taste of honey. You may want to try monk fruit or agave syrup instead.

If you enjoy making smoothies but are frustrated that you cannot get them smooth enough, I find that a smoothie blender rather than a regular blender works wonders for me.

The kids enjoy their smoothies with a straw and it’s tough to drink them when there are chunks of fruit left in the smoothie.

What are your favorite healthy drinks for kids that aren’t water?

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Healthy Drinks For Kids That Aren't Water


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I would title it Healthy Drinks for the Whole Family! We are definitely going to try some of the recipes!
  2. Thank you for all the wonderful alternatives! We're trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup in our drinks, while cutting out a lot of the sugar. We keep iced tea & lemonade in the fridge but everyone will be thrilled to have some other options available. Thanks for sharing!
  3. True kids don't always want to drink water and tend to favor sweet drinks. If you have available drinks that are more healthy and not water, I'm sure they would appreciate them.
  4. thank you so much. These sound amazing. I have book marked this so I can reference it easily next week when we get back from vacation.
  5. These are so many great ideas. SO perfect for the littles and the nieces. Totally pinning some now! The pineapple lemonade sounds perfect right now!
  6. This is great for me and my kids! I need to find an alternative to Gatorade and this post gives me plenty of choices. Thank you!

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