How to Make Lemonade with Stevia for a Delicious Summer Drink

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Do you know how to make lemonade with stevia? I absolutely love flavored drinks like lemonade.  I try to watch how many I drink because they are generally either very high in calories or loaded with artificial sweeteners. One of my favorite drinks in the summer is lemonade but I don’t want to drink anything that’s loaded with high fructose corn syrup, sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Since I didn’t want to give up my lemonade, I learned how to make lemonade with Stevia.

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how to make lemonade with stevia

How to Make Lemonade with Stevia

Stevia is an all-natural sweetener.  It comes from the Stevia rebaudiana plant that originated in South America.  The purified extract from the leaves has 200 times the sweetness of sugar and doesn’t raise your blood sugar level. Best of all, there are absolutely NO calories in it. The plant doesn’t grow in Vermont as it’s a tropical plant, and I have had no luck whatsoever in trying to grow one.  I just buy the powdered Stevia from the grocery store and use that. You can also purchase it in liquid form if you prefer.

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How to Make Lemonade with Stevia
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  • 3 lemons
  • 1 spring of peppermint or spearmint
  • 1 quart of water
  • 1 to 2 tsp of Stevia


  1. Juice the three lemons using a citrus reamer.
  2. Strain the seeds from the juice and put into a quart pitcher.
  3. Add cold water and 1 tsp of Stevia. Add more stevia until it is at the level of sweetness you like.
  4. Serve over ice with a slice of lemon and sprig of mint.

how to make lemonade with stevia

I like my lemonade tart so feel free to adjust the amount of water and the amount of Stevia that you add to your lemonade. Now that you know how to make lemonade with Stevia will you try?

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Just a few things you might want to have on-hand are a good citrus reamer and a glass beverage dispenser. That way, you’ll always have an iced cold glass of lemonade when you want one. You can also add a few mint leaves to your lemonade. This year, we added spearmint to our garden so I will have it fresh when I want it. Have you ever tried making root beer?
How to make lemonade with stevia

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  1. I always make my lemonade from scratch but have never tried it with stevia! Thanks!
  2. I'll have to try this! Sounds so refreshing and delicious!
  3. Sandy VanHoey says
    Yummm, I haven't even had lemonade in awhile now. This sounds great and will have to try making it with this. We usually use the artificial sweeteners for our coffee, just haven't tried this as of yet
  4. This looks delicious! Your photos are so beautiful too! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
  5. OH my goodness.... for some reason it looks so much tastier in that mason jar!!
  6. Erika @Musings SAHM says
    Yum! That looks amazing, Ellen!Thanks for linking up with It's a Mom's Life. I hope you'll join us next week too!
  7. Wendy | Around My Family Table says
    YUM!  Looks delish!Thanks for linking up to   It's a Mom's Life....come link up again (starts tonight).  :)
  8. I have never made my own lemonade, yes I would love to try it. I have never tried Stevia either, right now I use Splenda as my go to sweetener.
  9. Thanks for the idea.  As far as growing stevia, I live in Fairbanks , Alaska and I grow it every year.  It is in my garden right now and will be used fresh or dried and used during the year.  It is a very hardy plant. 
    • Ellen Christian says
      That's wonderful to know. I have always wanted to grow it but have had no luck. Did you start from seed or purchase a plant?
      • Both.  I bought these at one of our greenhouses because I am a bit overwhelmed with our chicken project and didn't get a chance to start them this year. As you walk by these plants, just pull off a leaf and suck on it.  We also dry it and drop it in with simmering tea.  I hope stevia doesn't turn out to be carcinogenic or something, because I will be royally screwed. I looked on the web for articles like yours because I do drink a lot of hot and cold organic green tea and mix in other teas for flavor.  Unfortunately, tea is tied to causing kidney stones, but lemons undo the harm, so it's a win-win for me.
        • Ellen Christian says
          I really need to look into growing this next year. It would be a great addition to my herb garden.
  10. What type of stevia did you use? There are so many out there! Dry? Liquid? Pure powder? Brand? Lemons are expensive here and I don't want to ruin a batch.My new citrus press arrives on Tuesday and I can't wait to get to use it.
  11. Ellen Christian says
    Hi Anita - I used dry stevia packets. I'm not brand specific. I have used Truvia and Zing before with the same results. You will need to taste to see when it's sweet enough to your taste. Everyone likes it differently. Hope you enjoy!


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