Simple Breakfast Ideas That Are Healthy

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Back to school time is always hectic for parents. Everyone is used to sleeping in a little bit later and taking things at a more relaxed pace. Then, all of a sudden, it’s back to school time, and there are busses to catch, homework to do and after school activities. Finding simple breakfast ideas that are healthy can be a challenge.

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a healthy simple breakfast


Simple Breakfast Ideas 

When school is in session, it’s rare that I make a hot breakfast. I just don’t have time most mornings to make bacon and eggs or French toast before everyone has to rush out the door to start their day.  During the week, I focus on breakfast ideas that are healthy but quick.

oatmeal in a bowl with a grey napkin and striped tablecloth


It only takes a few minutes to make a bowl of oatmeal. Please do not buy instant oatmeal packets that are loaded with sugar and candy.  You can buy plain instant oats if you are truly pressed for time, or you can buy traditional oats and cook them for a few minutes on the stove.  

Then add in dried fruits like raisins or cranberries along with a few walnuts or almonds and some shredded coconut. If you need to sweeten it, choose real maple syrup, honey or stevia.

a cup of yogurt with blueberries

Yogurt and fresh fruit

A big bowl of Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and a handful of granola is a great start to your morning. Watch the sugar content in the granola because some have added sugar and fat that can make this simple breakfast idea less healthy. Try a dragonfruit parfait for something different.

Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats Recipe

Overnight oatmeal

Unlike traditional oatmeal that is served hot, overnight oatmeal is refrigerated overnight with fruit and yogurt. In the morning, it’s creamy and delicious and an excellent choice for breakfast on the run.

This banana smoothie with ice is my favorite way to make a banana smoothie without milk. Try this easy recipe for my favorite refreshing drink.

Breakfast smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie – Smoothies are delicious and healthy. They’re an easy way to take breakfast with you when you don’t have time to sit down for breakfast. My favorite breakfast smoothie combination is strawberries, tangerines and beats with coconut milk.

Minion peanut butter banana bars recipe

Homemade soft granola bars

I love these healthy peanut butter banana bars. They taste just like soft granola bars without all the added sugar. Dress them up like Minions and your kids will love you! 

How do you start the morning with a healthy breakfast? You should try my banana smoothie with ice next.

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12 thoughts on “Simple Breakfast Ideas That Are Healthy”

  1. These are great ideas. Lately, we're loving overnight oats. The kids love them because they are quick, especially when they have to rush in the morning.
  2. Such great ideas. I don't eat breakfast as often as I should. I should try some of these ideas and maybe it will help me want to eat breakfast more. 
  3. I am all about smoothies in the mornings since I like to pack protein and fruit into my breakfast. I may have to switch things up when the weather cools though and have overnight oatmeal more often.
  4. These are great ideas. I love making smoothies for breakfast on school days. I actually throw spinach in there, and the kids love it.

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