Make Your Own Flavor Infused Beverages [Primula Infuser Recipes]

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Wondering how to make your own flavor-infused beverages? Flavor infused beverages are a great alternative to sweetened summer beverages. It’s really easy to pack on the extra weight by drinking sodas, sweet teas, and other flavored beverages. Since I’m trying to keep the weight off this year, I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to enjoy summer and stay healthy. If you’re looking for Primula infuser recipes, keep reading! 

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Make Your Own Flavor Infused Beverages [20+ Recipes]

Flavor Infused Beverages

Did you know you can make your own flavor-infused beverages?  In an effort to reduce my use of throw away plastic bottles, I’ve been making a lot of my own flavored waters.  I admit to having a weakness for enhanced and flavored waters and teas.  These Primula infuser recipes that work with traditional water infusers as well are perfect.

While I do drink plain water, it’s not one of my favorite beverages.  I much prefer it when it’s been enhanced with fruit or tea instead.  I really don’t enjoy the taste of many juices because they are so sweet. All I really want is a taste of fruit or tea to infuse the water rather than an overpowering sweetness.

All you really need to do is allow the fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. to infuse into the water. I generally allow at least three or four hours for this to happen. I prefer to make it the night before and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.

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lemon and mint in water

Primula infuser recipes

So, the Primula tea infuser is a special pitcher or travel mug that allows you to infuse fruits or vegetables into tea or water in one easy step. It has a special holder in the center to keep your fruits separate from the liquid. That makes serving and enjoying your flavor-infused recipes so much easier. Any of these recipes should work with your infuser. Just place the fruit and veggies into the center holder.

Make Your Own Flavor Infused Beverages [Primula Infuser Recipes]

Infusion pitcher recipes

  • Cucumber Mint & Lime Water is one of my favorite flavor-infused beverage combinations. This recipe from Five Heart Home is easy and refreshing on a hot summer day. And, always have too much mint in my garden.
  • If you have fresh blackberries, you have got to try this Mint Lemon & Blackberry infused water from Classy Clutter. Yum! There is no better summer snack than a handful of fresh berries.
  • If it’s earlier in the season and you have strawberries instead of blackberries, try this Strawberry Mango Water from That’s What She Said. Did you know that strawberries are high in Vitamin C?

apples and cinnamon in water

  • My Apple Cinnamon Detox Water is perfect for fall. One of my favorite flavor-infused recipes includes a combination of apples and cinnamon. It’s perfect for detoxing or just enjoying.
  • This Rainbow Citrus Water from Pretty Bee is absolutely gorgeous. I love the layered colors in this Primula infuser recipe. With flavor-infused beverages, one of the fun parts is coming up with new combinations.
  • This Citrus Bliss Water from Simply Stacie is another great way to get your Vitamin C each day. You’ll want to enjoy this one every day to get your daily antioxidant boost.
  • When was the last time you enjoyed a flavor-infused beverage that was good for you? My Cranberry Detox Water is easy to make and great for bladder health. Try one every day after you work out.

  • My Blueberry Apple Cider Vinegar Water infuses the delicious taste of blueberry with apple cider vinegar. While it’s a bit more tart than traditional Primula infuser recipes, it’s great for you!

Primula Tea Infuser

While you can create flavor enhanced waters in a simple glass with a top on it. It’s easiest for me to make them in a large glass pitcher with a top and infusing tube on it. That way, I can enjoy a glass throughout the day without making a new batch. Plus, I can share it with my husband or the kids if they want some.

If you want to take your infused water with you, I’d recommend a fruit infused water bottle with a separate compartment to hold the herbs and fruit pieces. Keeping the fruit in a separate tube makes it much easier to enjoy. There are no seeds or pieces of rind floating around in the water you’re trying to drink or blocking the area you’re drinking from.

infused water with berries and mint

Tips for flavor-infused beverages

Your homemade infused water drinks will have no preservatives in them so it’s important that you drink them promptly.

Don’t leave them out in the sun or in a hot car and then drink them. Adding sugar, or another sweetener is also not a good idea. Bacteria like heat and sugar to grow so keep your beverages cold and drink them promptly.

Now that you know how to make your own flavor-infused beverages? Which of these Primula Infuser recipes will you try first?

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  1. Love this post! I want to try the infused drinks as opposed to sugary drinks and a healthy way to drink more water.
  2. I have a water bottle with a diffuser attachment and have been looking forward to trying some recipes, beyond just throwing some fruit in there. I hadn't considered adding herbs along with fruit but will try it. I'll pin this and take a look at all the offerings. I grew up with sulfur water so it takes a lot for me to drink plain water! I like the idea of naturally diffusing some vitamins into my water too. Thanks for the list!
  3. That is AWESOME!! I try not to drink sodas or sugary drinks! I like this as an alternative to water! COOL!

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