Art Apps for Kids Inspire Creativity

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Art apps can really help inspire creativity. There are times I use them myself, just to get the creative juices flowing. Art apps are also a great choice when you are traveling because, unlike markers, there are no worries about having your child draw all over the car seats or walls in the hotel room.  You can have all the fun of markers and paper without any of the mess.

Art apps inspire creativity - Fun with Colors

Art Apps for Kids

Fun Colors is an art app that your kids are really going to love. It turns learning the colors of the world into a fun game with a variety of activities to inspire creativity and intellectual growth. Fun Colors has three different sections. There is a story book that your child can listen along to that helps enforce the different colors. White decides to go visit yellow and pairs up with a variety of different colors on a journey to find him. As your child listens to the story, they will see the different colored characters and words to reinforce what they are. Your child will also learn about how mixing two colors will make a third color. Your child will interact with the story to clear the colors from the screen and create a rainbow and be entertained by the fun sound effects.

Art apps inspire creativity - Fun with Colors

Your child can also use Fun Colors to draw their own creations with their finger on the screen using many different colors. Or they can color pre-made stories by dragging colors to the correct object like green to the leaves of a tree and then watch the animation that happens when they make the correct choice. Personally, I’m partial to the adorable elephant. Make sure your child tries that one first.

Art apps inspire creativity - Fun with Colors

Features of Fun with Colors:

  • Various animated scenes, funny sound effects, and exciting interactive options for children
  • Lovingly drawn illustrations
  • Read-aloud function included: Sensitive story-telling by native speakers
  • Intuitive, child-friendly controls
  • Language options: English, Chinese, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), German and Turkish.

If you’re looking for fun art apps to inspire creativity in your two to five year old, I definitely recommend that you download Fun Colors for them to explore. The app is $2.99, and available on iOS, Android, Samsung and Amazon.

Link to download the app on all devices:


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  1. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos says
    My girls love art apps, I need to try this one. Always looking for a great distraction when on the go!
  2. Amber Edwards says
    My daughter absolutely loves to color and loves the art apps. I hadn't heard of this one yet. I need to check it out!
  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says
    Fun Colors sounds like a fun app that both of my boys would enjoy!
  4. I love art apps when we travel! Very cute!
  5. Amy Desrosiers says
    My 4 year old would enjoy these apps. I occasionally allow her on the ipad to learn basic skills. These apps would allow her to create mess-free masterpieces.
  6. myrah - Coupon Mamacita says
    Thanks for the link! Since I don't have little ones any more, I'm outa the loop on kids educational apps. Will keep my nephews entertained with this one.
  7. How fun is this! My son would love an app like this; sounds like it inspires the mind with creativity! 
  8. Awesome! As an adult, I think mindless, just-for-fun apps are great, however kids need play that stimulates their mind. This is a great concept that combines learning how to use today's technology with the basic foundation of learning that they'll need for school.
  9. Kelsey Apley says
    Looks like a fun app I think most kids would enjoy. I will have to tell my sister for my niece! 
  10. Jen Temcio @dapperhouse says
    These sound super fun! I will absolutely pass along your recommendations to my friends with young kids :)
  11. Christine says
    Looks so fun, I need to download!
  12. Jenn @TheRebelChick says
    I have to tell my little sister about these apps! I bet she would love them for my nieces and nephew!
  13. Chelley @ A is For Adelaide says
    These are great apps! I will have to DL them for my daughter before our trip!
  14. I love finding apps that are both fun and educational. These look like great options to really get kids' creativity going.
  15. Laura (Lauras Little House Tips) says
    I miss having little ones but I have an artist daughter who is now 19 and interning with the NY Mets. Who adored Art and using her imagination! Thank you for sharing. Passing on to a few friends with children who will love this.
  16. Mama to 5 BLessings says
    Sounds like a cute app, one my kids would love too made it's on Android. I have an iPad. 
  17. Sarah Marturano says
    This looks like a great app. Plus it saves from having to clean up messes. Nice and tidy! 
  18. Nancy Lustri (StyleDecor) says
    My daughter is older and would still love this! She loves art. I will definitely share with my younger cousins as well! They're going on vacation and this would be priceless for the car ride! :)
  19. Great list of apps! I will have to check them out for my kiddos. They just got a mini iPad and I like for them to have educational or creative apps on there! 
  20. Brett Martin says
    Arts and crafts without the messy cleanup? Sounds like a winner!
  21. I think my daughter would love this app. Would be nice to take in the car.
  22. I LOVE the vivid colors of this app! It's like real paint colors not "digital" colors! 
  23. Ann Bacciaglia says
    This sounds like a fun and entertaining idea. My kids are older now but they would have loved it when they were younger. Thanks for sharing.
  24. Nicole Dz says
    My nephew is so into his art! And he's only six and really good at drawing. He would love these apps. Perfect for him!!
  25. tammileetips says
    That app looks like a ton of fun!! Even as an adult those apps are fun to do.   
  26. Very awesome. Cannot wait to start art projects with the munchkin. 
  27. Tiffany (Fabulous Mom Blog) says
    I love learning about new art apps. My 6-year old daughter likes to use my touchscreen computer to do art with. I'm going to try some of these out with her. Thanks for sharing. 
  28. The colors and illustrations just draw you in and beg you to explore. This is a nice app!


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