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Last Updated on September 5, 2020 by Ellen Christian

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I plan on doing a lot of traveling throughout Vermont this summer.  There are a lot of local attractions that I’d like to visit but one of my favorite areas is our historic downtown.   I’m a huge fan of local travel so I decided I would hike historic Castleton on the 4th of July and see what’s happening in the area.

Great apps for travelling

Great App for Travelling

There is a great app for travelling called Kamino that you can use whether you are travelling locally or out of state.  I used it to put together a hike in my town starting at our Amtrak station which is a nice, central location for everyone to start.  Along the hike, you’ll have a chance to see historic cemeteries, churches and other buildings. Our local library is the site of the first college in Vermont. If you’re looking for nature versus historic buildings, you can also set off on a hike on the old Delaware & Hudson Rail Trail which has an entrance in Historic Castleton right near the Amtrak station. Of course, you can’t visit Castleton and not stop at the Castleton State College to watch a show or a sporting event. Make sure you also stop by the Blue Cat Bistro and try their shrimp scampi.  You can take a look at the hike I created using Kamino below.

Kamino is a great tool to use when planning your next trip. You can use it to find awesome new spots wherever you are – at home or on vacation. You can get insights from travel experts and local gurus on the best hikes in town based on your interests. You may even find some things in your town you didn’t know were there. If you’re like me and get lost easily, no worries. Kamino has a built-in GPS system that will always get you to your destination.

While I enjoy hiking through town, I’m not an expert. I want a hike that isn’t too difficult. Kamino lets me find out if a hike is dog-friendly, good for kids, or great for a night out with friends. As you’re hiking along, you can add recommendations and photos of things to see or not to see so others can take advantage of your experience. You can use pre-made hikes in your area or you can create and publish your own. Kamino was very easy to use to create my hike. You can add in your favorites or search for locations in your area. Download it today.



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  1. Thanks for the information on the great app!! I bookmarked it so I can show my husband. He will love it for sure. Always great to have some sort of direction!!
  2. Awesome app to discover new spots to explore, wherever you are. Kinda reminds me of a treasure map. Love how easy it is to use and map out. Very cool!
  3. We travel a lot so I will check out this app. I've not heard of Kamino yet but very interested! I love that there are a lot of reviews and photos from others who are using it.
  4. Interesting! We do a lot of traveling - but I have yet to really download any travel apps. I need to check this out!

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