How to Find the Best Laptop for a Small Business

Finding the best laptop for a small business is one of the priorities as I look to upgrade my current system. Since the kids are grown, I’m no longer concerned with what they need for homework or gaming. As I invest in new technology, it will be for the business that will take Marty and […]

Best Tech Gadgets for Minimalist Living

Why am I sharing the best tech gadgets for minimalist living? There was a discussion in one of my minimalism groups last week about how technology and minimalism fit together. Some people felt that technology had no part in minimalism. Others felt that using technology made living a minimalist life easier for them. It made […]

My Favorite Faith Based Shows on Netflix

Marty and I love watching television but for the most part, we don’t watch prime time television shows. We spend most of our TV time watching documentaries and faith based shows on Netflix. Thankfully, there is a pretty good selection on Netflix that we can choose from. I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team […]

We All Want the Better Things in Life

When we dream of growing up, getting married and living on our own, we all want the better things in life. I remember those dreams from when I was younger, and I’m watching the kids struggle with them now as they start their adult lives.  We want fulfilling jobs, happy relationships, time for ourselves, etc. The […]

5 Best Netflix Original Movies to Watch

Years ago, I had boxes and boxes of VHS and DVD movies stored in the living room. Thankfully, having access to the best Netflix original movies has allowed me to declutter those movies while still having access to great entertainment. If you’re anything at all like me, you used to buy movies, watch them once, […]

12 Reasons to Enjoy the Night with Netflix

I’m very excited to be part of the Netflix Stream Team for another year. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of other bloggers are part of this program and watch many of my favorite programs. Each month I bring you a recipe or a craft that corresponds to a certain theme […]

Working From Home on a Snow Day

Working from home on a snow day is just part of winter when you live in rural Vermont. I absolutely love living in the middle of the woods, but sometimes the snow makes it impossible to get out. When that happens, I work from home as much as possible and leave the errands and running […]

Saving Time with Technology

Today has really been one of those days. If I could add another 3 hours of productive time to each day I would do it in an instant. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can get more hours in my day but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I’ve been waking […]

Christmas Survival Gift Basket

Christmas morning is chaos in my house. On a normal morning, all I want is coffee and quiet. On Christmas morning, what I get is kids, family, noise, chaos and mess. Most of this before I have managed to drink more than half a cup of coffee. That leaves me slightly less than happy and […]

Save Time With Technology | Get Organized For Christmas

Lately I have been feeling like I will never get organized for Christmas. I have so many things that need to be done before the holidays actually arrive and there is less than a month left! It hit me this morning. There are less than 30 days until Christmas. Have I mentioned that I haven’t […]