8 Ways to Use Herbs for 4th of July Recipes

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Are you looking for ways to use herbs from your herb garden? If your herb garden has gone crazy, you may have more herbs than you know what to do with. While we do dehydrate some of them, we always have far more than we can use up. Of course, there are lots of different types of herbs you may have in your garden. So exactly how you use them will depend on the type.

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Ways to use Herbs

The 4th of July in our home generally means a parade and a cookout with friends and family. By July 4th, the warmer temperatures have finally arrived in Vermont. Everyone is ready to spend time outside. The grill gets dusted off and I look forward to a break from cooking when my husband fires it up.

I don’t totally give up cooking on the 4th of July. My husband would be happy with a plate loaded with only meat. I like a bit more variety so I take care of the extras. One of my secrets to delicious summer cooking is to add herbs. Here are a few ways to use herbs that I do every year.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are one of my favorite ways to use herbs. Sometimes, I sprinkle chopped parsley or chives over the top. Other times, I add basil or dill. This herbed deviled eggs recipe is one of my family favorite picnic recipes. We make so many that I use an egg taker to keep them all neat.

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Herb Frittata

If you enjoy quiche or omelets, you need to try my herb frittata. Unlike a quiche that requires crust and cheese or an omelet that requires folding, a frittata is a simple, healthy egg dish with eggs and vegetables. I usually make it when I have extra tomatoes and add fresh basil. You can experiment with whatever herbs you like. Serve small slices as an appetizer. You can keep them warm in your slow cooker if you’re serving a lot of people.

Make Jelly

I know you’re probably wondering if there are jellies made with herbs but there are. My Greek Oregano Jelly is delicious on crackers with cream cheese. It’s got a bit of a bite to it like a horseradish jelly does. It’s also delicious on homemade bread.

8 Ways to Use Herbs This 4th of July Season

Make Pesto

I don’t eat a lot of pasta but one of my favorite recipes that does use pasta is my homemade pesto. Of course, you can also use it to top chicken breasts or tilapia if you prefer not to eat pasta. Either way, it can be made and then frozen until you need it. We make a large batch and keep it warm in a warming pan.

Add it to a Salad

There’s no reason you cannot add chopped herbs to your salads whether they are pasta salads, potato salads or vegetable salads. My cucumber salad with dill is a favorite because it requires very little preparation. Or, try adding it into tuna salad or egg salad. Or, try my Greek tomato salad.

8 Ways to Use Herbs This 4th of July Season

Homemade Salsa

We put out a huge bowl of homemade salsa along with a bag or two of corn tortilla chips. This is an easy gluten-free snack for anyone that cannot or does not want to eat gluten that is present in may picnic foods.

8 Ways to Use Herbs This 4th of July Season

Make iced tea

Do you have a lot of peppermint or spearmint in your garden? Make a big jug of homemade iced tea and add a few sprigs to the pitcher. Mint iced tea is one of my favorite summer beverages. You can add it to lemonade as well. We do that with my homemade lemonade with stevia. Or try infused water with fresh strawberries and sprigs of your favorite herbs.

Are you looking for ways to use herbs from your herb garden? If your herb garden has gone crazy, you may have more herbs than you know what to do with.

Preserve it

If you still have too much left over, you can always preserve it. Here are a few ways to use up too much fresh mint and a few ways to use up too much fresh basil.

If you’re gearing up for the 4th of July, don’t forget to stock up on supplies.

What are your plans for the 4th of July?

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  1. Oh I love the idea of adding mint to iced tea! I love iced tea, but have never thought of adding mint! I have to get some added to my garden quickly!
  2. I love the idea of using your own garden to save money and get the freshest food for your family! You've convinced me that it will be fairly easy too!
  3. I have planted many herbs in my backyard this summer Ellen, all in round planters. I have parsley, sage, lemon grass, and mint. I saw on facebook that many of these herbs help to keep all sorts of pesky bugs away because they do not like the smell of them. (I like that) because those bugs love to chomp on me all the time.
  4. I love this ideas. Most of the time I make homemade salsa. My family loves it. Fresh herbs makes any recipe taste the best!

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