Top 10 Valentine Day Gifts for Women

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Don’t wait until the last minute to choose one of these top 10 Valentine Day gifts for your sweetheart.  Finding the right gift for Valentine’s Day can be difficult for some men. Many will choose to fall back on the old standby of a box of chocolates.  

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Top 10 Valentine Day Gifts for Women That Aren't Candy


Top 10 Valentine Day Gifts

For women that are struggling to keep their weight in check, receiving a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day may not be something that makes us smile. Thankfully, there are other options.

Fine Jewelry gold vermeil ring in a pink gift box for Valentine's Day

Fine Jewelry

Whether it’s a simple heart necklace or a new diamond ring, handcrafted fine jewelry is bound to make her smile on Valentine’s Day. 

While a classic heart shape may be traditional on Valentine’s Day, don’t be afraid to break from tradition and buy another type of jewelry. I’d opt for something handcrafted here in the US with a simple design and quality materials. You can’t go wrong with 14K solid gold.

a man cooking a romantic dinner

A special dinner

Take her out to her favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day and impress her by ordering her favorite dish.  Better yet, cook her favorite dinner at home and then do the dishes afterward.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on dinner. It’s the thought that counts.

Top 10 Valentine Day Gifts for Women that aren't candy


Whether you purchase a book of poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning or create your own love poem, your sweetheart will be impressed by this choice for Valentine’s Day.

Consider writing the poem on cardstock and wrapping it with a pretty red ribbon.

a woman with beautiful Valentine's Day gifts


Need I say more? Make sure you buy her lingerie she’ll enjoy and feel good about wearing which may be different than what you think she’d look great in.

Consider that her tastes may run more toward Victoria’s Secret than Fredericks of Hollywood. Why not treat her to a lingerie subscription?

a woman holding a bouquet of red roses


There isn’t a much more romantic gift than being presented with a bouquet of flowers.  Whether you opt for a hothouse bouquet of long-stemmed red roses or cut flowers from your back yard, flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift. I love that you can send an eco-friendly bouquet of flowers.

coffee and pastries on a breakfast tray

Breakfast in bed

Surprise your sweetheart with breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day.  An omelet or Belgian waffles would be amazing but if you cannot cook, even cereal and fresh fruit would be a wonderful choice. You might find a breakfast tray is helpful.

Top 10 Valentine Day Gifts for Women

A child-free evening

What woman wouldn’t appreciate some downtime to relax? I know I would.  Whether this means having your parents take the kids for the weekend, hiring a sitter or sending her to the spa, an evening with no children is a choice many women would love.

a shop window with dresses and fashion items

An afternoon out together

Maybe she’d love to bike ride around town, spend a few hours at the mall, or head out to the antique store.  Take a few hours from your day and give her your time and attention.

Why not consider getting her a gift card to her favorite store to spend while you’re out. This is one of my favorite top 10 Valentine Day gifts because I can choose whatever I want.

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Make a coupon book

Pull out the markers and paper and make a book of coupons she can redeem when she wants. Top picks in my house are a night where you do the dishes and a day of babysitting.

This is a great gift for the kids to make as well. They can include things like cleaning your room with no arguments. Here is a free printable to make your own coupon book.

perfume on a white background


Nothing says pamper me like a bottle of perfume. Women often forget to take time to pamper themselves and a new bottle of perfume is a great reminder.   

Or, if you don’t think she’d enjoy perfume, why not try body wash, bubble bath, or my vanilla coconut body scrub. If you want to get creative, why not learn how to make solid perfume out of her favorite scent.

If you check out the ads for the top 10 Valentine gifts for her, you will probably see a huge box of chocolates on the list. While I enjoy a piece or two of Valentine’s Day candy, I’d prefer to get a two count box of Godiva chocolates rather than a huge box. My willpower is not that great some days. 

How to Make Easy Rose Scented Massage Oil

Top 10 Valentine Day gifts that are handmade

Here are a few more ideas for things you can make.

  1. Make solid perfume from her favorite scent
  2. Make chocolate-covered strawberries
  3. Create your own floral display
  4. Make a Valentine’s Day card
  5. Homemade bath salts with rose petals
  6. Make a bottle of rosewater
  7. Make a rose-scented massage oil
  8. This strawberry brownie trifle is a delicious treat
  9. Consider a simple gift from the heart
  10. Check out these Paleo Valentine ideas
What’s on your list of top 10 Valentine Day gifts? Here are a few ways to be an eco-friendly Valentine.

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