Best Cereal To Go and Keeping it Crunchy All Day

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If you’re looking for the best cereal to go, I wanted to share my thoughts and a few tips with you. Don’t be tempted to skip breakfast on your busiest mornings. With these tips, you’ll be able to take your favorite cereal to go easily.

Don't be tempted to skip breakfast on your busiest mornings. With these tips, you'll be able to take your favorite cereal to go easily.
Best Cereal To Go and Keeping it Crunchy

On those days when I am pressed for time, it’s really tempting to just skip breakfast and grab a coffee as I rush out the door. On a truly bad day, I’ll grab a donut or pastry on the way to work. It never keeps me satisfied until lunchtime. And, I feel bad about skipping breakfast at home.

Having breakfast is an important part of my morning self-care routine. Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and boosts your energy levels. When I skip breakfast before going to work, I find that I have a problem concentrating.

a woman eating crunchy cereal

When you’re running around, trying to get out of the door in the morning, it’s hard to take time for breakfast. I know I should really make something, but who has time for that before work? Cold cereal is definitely the best option for your busiest days.

cereal fruit and to go containers

What’s the best cereal to go?

There are so many cereals at the store that it’s hard to know what the best cereal to go is. Oats have always been my top pick when it comes to breakfast cereals because oats are whole grain. And, when I take something with me, I want it to be crunchy when I have time to eat it.

Of course, Cheerios have always been my favorite whole grain oat cereal. They have a great selection of different varieties so that there’s something for everyone in my family to enjoy.

a box of cereal and bowls with fruit

I’ve just learned that there is a new Cheerios on the market that you can find at your local Walmart. It’s the Cheerios you love with whole grain oats and real honey all rolled into one. New Cheerios™ Oat Crunch Oats ‘N Honey is a nutritious, hearty and simply delicious breakfast. And, it’s the best cereal to go because it stays crunchy!

Best to-go containers

When you plan on taking your cereal with you, it’s important to store it so it stays crunchy and doesn’t make a mess in your lunch bag or box. There are several different ways you can do this depending on how you like to eat your cereal.

cereal bowls and bananas

If you enjoy your cereal with milk whether it’s traditional milk or non-dairy milk like almond or soy milk, you need to store the liquid in a container so it doesn’t leak. And, you’ll want to keep your cereal separate so it stays crunchy. So, you have a few options if you want the best cereal to-go containers.

  • Keep it old school and put your milk in a small crystal jelly jar with a tightly fitting lid. Then, you can put your Cheerios™ Oat Crunch Oats ‘N Honey in your favorite plastic container. Be sure to leave enough room to add bananas or berries and the milk.

cereal in a bowl with blueberries

  • I prefer not to take glass containers with me to go. So, I use a container that’s made for cereal to go. The bottom portion of the container is made to hold your milk. And, the top portion of your container is made to hold your Cheerios™ Oat Crunch Oats ‘N Honey. And, it comes with a spoon as well.
  • Some people prefer to eat their cereal with yogurt. I do this a lot in the summer when I buy fresh fruit at our farmer’s market. If you need a container for this, they make two-part containers where each part holds something different. This way, your cereal will stay crunchy.

pouring milk over cereal and blueberries

Where can I find the best cereal to go?

So, if you want the best cereal to go for those busy mornings, look for Cheerios™ Oat Crunch Oats ‘N Honey the next time you’re at Walmart. Or, if you prefer to shop online, you can buy it online as well. And, make sure you pick up a container to keep everything separate until you’re ready to eat.

Don't be tempted to skip breakfast on your busiest mornings. With these tips, you'll be able to take your favorite cereal to go easily.

If you love Cheerios as much as we do, you might want to try them in a yogurt parfait.

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  1. Love your site. We’ve been jotting down a few recipes to try. we as in my and my 3 kids lol one of which who is a picky eater due to texture, but loved the banana jam. You had some great tips here for cereal on the go. I was curious if you did any research about cheerios and a few others? We stopped eating them a few yrs ago as they continue to test positive for roundup, techn. glyphosate which is the main in gradient, after some research and deciding to try cereals that didn’t. There aren’t a lot, which I was surprised but not all in the same breath lol. Koshi and a few of the more organic lines don’t. We just resorted back to making overnight oats, since the budget doesn’t allow for those more expensive convenience cereals. Thanks for all that you are sharing on your site.
    • Thank you for stopping by. I am so glad you enjoy my site. I have been reading about glyphosate and agree that it's concerning. It's hard to know how to eliminate them from your diet, especially as companies merge and buy out healthier brands. Certainly, overnight oats is a wonderful option. I have several on the site that I hope you'll try. Thank you again.

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