Creating Valentine Floral Displays

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I absolutely LOVE flowers.  I try to have a vase of flowers on the kitchen table at all times.  I was considering ordering Valentine floral displays for the kitchen and living room but after I looked at some of the prices online, I decided that I could create one myself that was much less expensive. I headed down to Dollar Tree to find a vase since I didn’t have one that was appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

How to create Valentine floral displays from the dollar store

Creating Valentine Floral Displays

I wanted to create a display that was more than flowers in a vase.  I wanted something that would really fall in the category of Valentine floral displays that you see on the floral sites.  I haven’t been in a Dollar Tree in a while and I was really surprised at the selection they had. I found lots of different types of vases, ribbons, trays, and Valentine’s Day accessories to create my display.



  • Remove labels from the glass stem vases.
  • Fill them about a third full with water and set them in the center of the serving tray.

How to create Valentine floral displays from the dollar store

  • Carefully arrange the clear and red heart gems around the vases.

How to create Valentine floral displays from the dollar store

  • Cut a piece of burlap or lace so that it can wrap around  the three vases together.
  • Tie it with the red metallic curling ribbon leaving the ends long.
  • Curl the ends of the ribbon with scissors to create a decorative fall at the front of the display.
  • Carefully cut the stems of the roses to fit in the vases and arrange.

How to create Valentine floral displays from the dollar store

You could easily change the color of the flowers and the accents that you use for any holiday or season. I saw some really cute Easter accents at Dollar Tree when I was there. I know I’ll be heading back to pick up a few more things for a spring floral display.




  1. Love it! Pinned it!
  2. oh, how pretty! i just love flowers. 
  3. I am so boring when it comes to displaying my flowers! LOL I need to step up my game, your display is so pretty!
  4. Absolutely beautiful!! Now I just need to hope my hubbie buys me flowers!! ha/ha Pinned & Tweeted!
  5. I am so impressed! I pinned it! I need to remember to try out more Dollar Store crafts. They have some amazing finds!
  6. I love the burlap and lace touch, it add a bit of a romantic vibe to the arrangement. Love it :)
  7. Love, love, love, love this display and I adore the burlap over the lace, I need to find me some lace and burlap ribbon because that combo is amazing! Fabulous job darling, fabulous!
  8. I just love burlap crafts. And I can just smell those roses through your photos, Ellen. Mmmm.... beautiful.
  9. This is so beautiful, I cannot believe you got your supplies at Dollar Tree. That really makes it feel like the flowers I think are too expensive to get for the house might actually be affordable... and displayed beautifully!
  10. Very pretty! I love the burlap that you had around the vases. 
  11. What a great way to create affordable valentine floral arrangements!
  12. This turns out simply beautiful, Ellen. It's just amazing what can be done with Dollar Store finds.
  13. That is so pretty. I would never have thought of that. Love how economical it is too!
  14. Dollar stores are some of my favorite places to shop! Your bouquet looks amazing!!
  15. This is so absolutely lovely! I love how you have arranged the flowers. And the burlap makes the lace really pop out!
  16. Pretty roses. I like how you have them displayed in not just a vase but the pretty accents!
  17. I love when something simple like the glass beads "gems" can dress something up so fancy!
  18. Sooo pretty!!! Can you subtly email this to my hubby. ;)
  19. When I was in there, I was surprised by how much there was that could be used in crafts.
  20. Awesome idea! Love getting flowers!
  21. This is such a lovely display! The flowers are so pretty.
  22. Awesome idea! Love decorating and diy on a budget!! :) Excuse me now, I have to run to my dollar store and look for this stuff! :) <3
  23. i love this!  i have a soft spot for burlap!  
  24. Very pretty. I just love roses and the three vases together is a cool idea. 
  25. How lovely! Nice job.
  26. Very beautiful! What an amazing gift for anyone!  I love flowers!


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