10 Paleo Valentines Day Ideas

Last Updated on January 24, 2021 by Ellen Christian

Looking for Paleo Valentine ideas? For as long back as I remember, Valentine’s Day meant a huge box of chocolate, several bags of multi-colored candy hearts, red velvet cake and some sort of dinner that featured a cream sauce and loads of cheese.  Eating until I had to loosen the button on my jeans was definitely part of the holiday.  Yesterday, my husband made a few not too subtle hints asking what I might like for Valentine’s Day now that I am following the Paleo diet.

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Crystal vase of flowers and candles

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Paleo Valentines Day Ideas

Marty and I don’t generally exchange huge, expensive gifts for Valentine’s Day. If you and your significant other do, jewelry or a day at the spa are great Paleo Valentines Day ideas.  If you tend to exchange small gifts with each other, here are a few Paleo Valentines Day ideas that will still work.


I am a huge fan of flowers of any sort. If you have warm weather where you are in February, pick a bouquet locally or see if your florist has flowers that were sustainably grown or locally sourced. You don’t need to spring for a huge bouquet of roses. A simple bouquet of flowers or even a potted plant is a great gift idea.

Valentine's Day picture frame

Valentine Gift

There are many different types of Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t food related. Precious Moments has a wide selection of gorgeous picture frames, snow globes, ornaments, and figurines that are just perfect for the Valentine on your gift list.

This gorgeous “You’re My Road to Happiness” Billboard Photo Frame is the perfect touch especially if you include a photo of the two of you. I love the gifts from Precious Moments because they are timeless and are gifts that will truly last a lifetime. You’ll find gifts for weddings, birthday, Valentine’s Day, and many other gift-giving occasions.

10 Paleo Valentines Day Ideas for Your Sweetheart

Dark Chocolate

An occasional treat of pure dark chocolate of at least 85% is generally considered to be an acceptable Paleo treat.  I look for organic certified chocolate like Green & Black’s Organic Dark (85%). Whatever brand you choose, avoid those with soy as an ingredient.

Paleo Valentines Day ideas - strawberries

Edible Paleo Valentine ideas

Yum!  Fresh strawberries are one of my favorite fruit treats. Please be sure to buy organic to avoid any nasty chemicals and if possible, buy them from a local grower. If you prefer, you can always purchase fresh raspberries, blueberries or even a selection of pineapples and oranges if you prefer.

10 Paleo Valentines Day Ideas for Your Sweetheart

Creative Paleo Valentine’s Day ideas

Whether you write the poem yourself or buy a book of poetry, this is a timeless gift that never goes out of style.  My personal favorite is anything by Ralph Waldo Emerson. You’ll want to consider what type of poems your sweetheart prefers when you make this purchase.

Or, why not try a few of these romantic essential oils?

Paleo Dessert

It’s definitely possible to create decadent Paleo desserts. My personal favorite is this Paleo Banana Coconut Foster. If you don’t want to make one yourself,  these Paleo Brownies should work well. If you want a little splurge that isn’t Paleo try one of these healthier desserts.

A wicker basket of garden supplies

Gardening Gifts

If your sweetheart has a green thumb, treat her to a basket of gardening gifts. I’d be thrilled with gardening gloves, a new trowel, and some organic herb seeds. Or, she may want to try forcing bulbs for an activity she can enjoy right now.

Fitness Gifts

One of my top choices is a pair of barefoot shoes or a membership to our local gym. Only choose this option if the recipient enjoys fitness.  Gifting someone fitness gifts when they hate to work out, may not be appreciated.

10 Paleo Valentines Day Ideas for Your Sweetheart

Fermented Food Kits

I really want to learn to make my own Kombucha. If your sweetie is a foodie, they may want to learn as well. Kombucha is highly recommended by Robb Wolf. Or, they may want to learn to grow mushrooms.

Paleo Valentines Day ideas - CSA

Local CSA

This spring, Marty and I will be buying shares in a local CSA (community supported agriculture) so we can buy larger quantities of local vegetables and fruits than we can grow. This is one of my favorite Paleo Valentine ideas because it gives back to the local community.

Have I missed any Paleo Valentines Day ideas that you would love to receive? Check out my top 10 list of Valentine Day gifts that aren’t candy. Here are a few more ideas for Paleo gifts.

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  1. Florida strawberries are so delicious this time of year. I think my kids will be getting some strawberries and dark chocolate for VDay this year. We are all trying to be more healthy. You can still eat very good food and keep fit.

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