How to Make Rosewater & 5 Beauty Uses

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Do you know how to make rosewater? Last time I was in the city, I visited the beauty counter at a department store to see what was available. One of the products I looked at was a facial toner that was scented with rosewater. There was a tester to check out the fragrance, and I fell in love. The toner was priced a bit out of my budget, so I didn’t end up getting it, but it did start me thinking about how to make rosewater so I could create my own.

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How to make rosewater and 5 beauty uses

How to Make Rosewater & 5 Beauty Uses

Rosewater has been used throughout history both for scent and for beauty applications. It’s even been used in cooking. In the summer, I do have a rosebush in the backyard, so I plan on experimenting more when my roses are in bloom. For now, I used roses from the florist. If you plan on using rosewater on your body or in your food, be certain that you choose roses that have not been sprayed with chemicals. If you’re using it simply for fragrance, it’s not as important.

If you need to, instead of starting with fresh roses, it’s possible to start with dried roses. Just be sure that you get dried roses that are not artificially scented and have not been sprayed with chemicals.


  • Water, distilled if you can
  • Rose petals (fresh or dried)
  • Small pot
  • Funnel
  • Stove
  • Spray bottle
  • Very fine cheesecloth


  • Place the water in a pot on the stove and add rose petals. Cover the pot. How many you use will depend on the size of the spray bottle.
  • Simmer on very low heat until the rose petals lose their color. Do not boil. The heat should be very low.
  • Turn off the heat and leave the cover on. Allow it to cool to room temperature.
  • Remove the rose petals by hand or using a slotted spoon.
  • Using a funnel and the cheesecloth, slowly pour the rose water into the spray bottle straining out any leftover pieces of petals.
  • Store it in the refrigerator for two to three weeks.

5 Beauty Uses for Rosewater

Now that you know how to make rosewater, here are a few ways you can use it.

  1. Soothe Your Skin – Rosewater is magnificent for sensitive skin, so it’s the perfect thing to use after shaving to soothe away any irritation.
  2. Prevent Puffiness – Keep your rosewater in the refrigerator and dab a bit on a cotton ball to reduce under eye puffiness. Gently press the cotton ball on your under eye area to prevent puffiness.
  3. Tone Your Skin – Dampen a cotton ball with rosewater and use it as a facial toner. Just wipe gently across your face to tighten and soothe your skin.
  4. Brighten Your Hair – After washing your hair as normal, rinse your hair with a cup of rosewater. It helps condition your hair and adds shine.
  5. Scent Your Bath – Add a cup of rosewater to your bathwater for an exotic, natural scent for that special night.

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How to make rosewater and 5 beauty uses

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  1. A bath with rosewater in it sounds absolutely heavenly right now! My Mom just took the kids overnight for 2 nights, so I might just have to do this while they are gone!
  2. I never knew you could make your own, so this is so cool. This actually sounds like a really fun thing to do with your wedding flowers after the wedding.

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