20 Recipes Using Leftover Beef

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These recipes using leftover beef are the perfect choice for busy weekdays. I’d love to have time to spend hours each night preparing a healthy meal for my family. But, I don’t. Between work, family responsibilities and taking care of the house, I want relatively simple healthy dinners that my family will love.

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20 Recipes Using Leftover Beef for Busy Weekdays

Recipes Using Leftover Beef

Using up leftovers is one of the easiest ways to cut preparation time when making dinner. After all, the meat is already cooked. All you need to do is wave your magic wand and you’ll have a new dinner.

OK, well it’s not that easy. But, with a little bit of thought and a few family favorite recipes, making a new meal out of your leftovers is easier than starting from scratch.

Leftover roast beef stew is one of our favorites and so easy to make. I’ll need to share that recipe soon.

20 Recipes Using Leftover Beef for Busy Weekdays

Of course, my best tip would be to use Certified Angus Beef® because it’s the best tasting, highest quality beef you can find (in my opinion). Just look at that marbling.

These steaks came out so good but we ended up cooking too much and had leftovers to use up. Here are a few of my favorite recipes and some that are on my list to try soon.

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20 Recipes Using Leftover Beef for Busy Weekdays

Pro Tips

I often plan on having meals in the slow cooker on busy nights because I can start them first thing in the morning and they are waiting for me at dinner time. The programmable slow cookers are perfect for busy moms.

My Instant Pot is also a huge time saver. I can make a meal that would normally take 8 hours in the slow cooker in about 30 minutes.

It’s just so simple to use that I can’t imagine dinner time without it. We often make this Slow Cooker Texas Pulled Pork in it.

Do you have any favorite recipes using leftover beef? You might want to make this gluten-free Asian sauce for beef. And, check out these leftover pot roast ideas.

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  1. I am not used to cooking with beef and trying to get more comfortable with it (long history of vegan/vegetarianism) so I can cook for others. I am excited to use beef in my Instant Pot though as I've read it is the ideal cooking method for it. My slow cooker is beef friendly too so these recipes will be a great encourager. I'm just not used to buying it, so must get comfortable with that first, lol. It's a mental thing I know. I think of them as little animals, and it's just a mind adjustment I have to make!
    • I can totally understand that. Look for a brand that you feel comfortable with. That's why I use the Certified Angus Beef brand.

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