Green Ways to Care for Your Jewelry at Home Properly

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Are you looking for green ways to care for your jewelry? I love wearing jewelry to accent my outfit so jewelry care is important.  Nothing dresses up a pair of flats more than a sparkly anklet or dresses up a casual t-shirt more than a pearl necklace. 

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Green Ways to Care for Your Jewelry at Home Properly

Green Ways to Care for Your Jewelry

I have downsized my jewelry collection as part of decluttering my home. So I really want the pieces I have to last a lifetime. In many cases, they have sentimental value, and I want to keep those memories looking good. 

Like anything else in your wardrobe, if you don’t take care of it, it won’t look good for very long. Many of the solutions to caring for jewelry involve using harsh chemicals, and I’d rather not do that. After doing a little bit of research, I realized that there are green ways to care for your jewelry too.

How do you clean tarnished jewelry?

As with any other cleaning project, please check a small inconspicuous area of your jewelry before you try these ideas. If you have something that’s very expensive or a family heirloom, consider taking in to be professionally cleaned. In these cases, you should use an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning jewelry at home.

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How do you keep jewelry from tarnishing in a jewelry box?

Over a period of time, if your sterling silver jewelry is exposed to air and moisture, it will tarnish. To keep jewelry from tarnishing, you need to protect it from air and moisture. One of the best ways to do that is to keep it in a small sealed bag inside your jewelry box.

Caring for Silver

To care for silver, rinse it in warm water and use a silver polishing cloth to gently buff it to a nice sheen. If it is tarnished, rub it with a slice of lemon and then buff dry and rinse. If you hope to use green ways to care for your jewelry, you will need to skip many of the traditional silver polishes.

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Caring for Turquoise

Dip your turquoise in warm water and gently clean with a toothbrush. Allow it to drip dry. Finally, remember to store it in a soft lined box to prevent chipping.

Green ways to care for your jewelry that’s gold

Soak gold jewelry in warm soapy water using an eco-friendly dish liquid for about five minutes. Using a baby toothbrush (very soft bristles) gently clean your jewelry and rub dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

Green Ways to Care for Your Jewelry at Home Properly

Caring for Diamonds

Diamonds can be very gently cleaned with a non-abrasive eco-friendly toothpaste.  Do not use anything that is abrasive. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently clean and then rinse. Take extra care to not dislodge the stone if there are diamonds in jewelry.

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Green ways to care for your jewelry with gems

Gems that are softer than diamonds can be soaked in warm water and then buffed with a soft cloth. Remember, always remove your ring and place it in a ring dish before doing dishes. You don’t want to expose your jewelry to cleaning chemicals every day because this can be very damaging.

Caring for Copper

You can soak copper jewelry in lemon juice for ten to twenty minutes.  Use a soft toothbrush to scrub in any cracks. Rinse with clear water & buff dry with a soft cloth. Be sure to protect it from air and moisture when you store it.

Prevent damage to your jewelry by storing each piece separately in a sealed plastic bag and make sure that individual pieces of jewelry don’t touch each other. Protecting your jewelry is one of the easiest green ways to care for your jewelry.

The purer metal is, the less likely it is to tarnish and require care.  However, if you’re careful with your jewelry it should not tarnish.  So, if you’re wondering how to clean gold jewelry at home, choose one of these eco-friendly ways to care for your jewelry instead of a toxic chemical.

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Do you know any green ways to care for your jewelry that I’ve missed?

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