Napkin Folding Fancy Ideas

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These napkin folding fancy ideas for the holidays can be just what you need to turn your boring dinner table into something special.  Learn more here.

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Fancy Napkin Folding Ideas for the Holidays [Airplane Fold DIY]


Fancy Napkin Folding Ideas

I don’t take a lot of time to make my table special for everyday dinners because I don’t have time for the extras most nights. I am too busy just trying to get everyone fed.

When the holidays roll around, I like to take a few extra minutes to make my table look special.   I use our good cloth napkins and trivets. 

Plus, I add a pretty centerpiece like cut or dried flowers.  I also enjoyed learning some fancy napkin folding ideas for the holidays.

If I’m going to use my cloth napkins, I might as well have fun doing it.

If you’re new to napkin folding, I’d recommend Top 100 Step-by-Step Napkin Folds by Denise Vivaldo.  This book will show you how to create 100 different napkin folds to dress up any table. 

You’ll first learn the basics of napkin folding so that you can select the right cloth napkins and select different types of embellishments to go along with them.

You’ll also learn about the different types of napkins (cocktail, luncheon a, d dinner) which is important when trying to learn different napkin folds.

Fancy napkin folding ideas for the holidays

The book is broken down into three different sections: easy napkin folds, intermediate napkin folds, and advanced napkin folds.   Each napkin fold contains suggestions for the type of party or event you might want to use it.  

There are step by step directions for each fold as well as photographs to make it easy to follow.  The final folded napkin is shown in a place setting to give you an idea of how to set each festive table.

What you need to do fancy napkin folding

I recommend these:

There are many different types of folds including holiday napkin folds.  Some of the napkin folds will require a napkin ring or other embellishment like a flower to complete the look.    

The airplane fold would be cute if you have guests flying in.   The Crown Fold is a fairly simple fold that would work wonderfully for a Christmas table setting.

The Divided Square would look wonderful with holly in the center or a snip from your fir tree.

Airplane Napkin Folding Directions

There are also folds that will show you how to make a liner for your bread basket or a cute placemat for your soup bowl.  

I absolutely love the variety included and you will have no problem at all finding fancy napkin folding ideas for the holidays or any day.

This is definitely a great book for basic napkin folding.

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  1. that looks like something that would come in handy this holiday season. My daughter loves origami....I wonder if she would fold napkins for me?
  2. Each year i promise myself I'll learn some folding techniques. I hope I accomplish it this year. This book looks like it could really help me.

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