Simple Christmas Table Settings

Last Updated on May 9, 2022 by Ellen Christian

Check out these simple Christmas table settings.  Setting a holiday table couldn’t be easier with a few of these simple tips. 

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When you’re trying to have a more eco-friendly holiday, it makes sense to choose cloth napkins, placemats, and tablecloths. When creating centerpieces and name cards choose re-usable or natural decor items.

Holiday Table Settings for an Eco-friendly Holiday

Holiday Table Settings 

Cloth holiday table settings can be re-used year after year and cut down on the waste of disposables.  Natural decor items can be returned to the outdoors when you no longer need them. Consider these things when choosing holiday table settings for an eco-friendly holiday.

  • Type of material.  Choose sustainably grown textiles for the most eco-friendly choice.
  • Pick organic materials to ensure the plants were not grown using dangerous chemicals.
  • Chose linens whose colors and patterns are created using eco-friendly dyes
  • Consider how the holiday table settings are made.  Select products that are made by hand when possible.
  • Shop locally made and locally sold to reduce the impact of transportation costs.
  • Use reds, greens, and browns from nature to accent your holiday table. Berries, pine boughs, and pine cones are the perfect winter holiday accents.

Holiday Table Settings for an Eco-friendly Holiday

Simple Christmas table settings

When thinking about your table settings, decide on the theme of your party. A small family affair may call for simple Christmas table settings.

You may not need a name card depending on how large your party is.  It may be enough to add a cloth napkin, a few sprigs of fir or eucalyptus, and a gift tag. These gold pinecones are festive. Try this easy last minute Christmas decor.

Holiday Table Settings for an Eco-friendly Holiday

Elegant table settings ideas

If you’re having an elaborate party, you may need to look for more elegant table settings ideas. These may call for fancy napkin folding ideas, champagne glasses, tablecloths, and printed name cards.

Consider the overall theme before you decide how many disposable items you’ll be using. You may be able to rent things that you don’t already have. Finding simple Christmas table settings doesn’t have to be expensive.

Christmas table decor

While most Christmas table decor is red, green, and white. You will find sets that are gold and silver as well. But, don’t be afraid to play with colors.

There is some truly stunning pink Christmas decor available for those that want a non-traditional color.

Holiday Table Settings for an Eco-friendly Holiday

Homemade Christmas table decorations

I added a clear glass candle holder, some pine cones, and a few snips of pine from our front yard to create an eco-friendly nature theme for my eco-friendly holiday table.  

Everything can be reused again next year except for the paper which was recycled. This is one of my favorite simple Christmas table settings.

Holiday Table Settings for an Eco-friendly Holiday

Christmas table centerpieces

Of course, most tables will have Christmas table centerpieces on them. Many people will opt for something simple like poinsettia. But, please if you have cats or dogs, keep in mind that these are poisonous to them. You can use an artificial plant if you feel you need a poinsettia.

If you’re looking for elegant Christmas centerpieces, I found a few things on Amazon that I truly fell in love with.  You can group these together and add elements from the outdoors.

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  1. i love the linens, ellen! so pretty!  we like to bring the outside in too although my table's never quite as elegant as yours. maybe in 15 years when my littlest is a teen?
  2. Beautiful settings! There is a huge part of me that wants to start traditions of having beautiful serving dishes and pretty place settings like this for our holiday meals, but my family is more the type to dig in and pile everything on chinet plates directly from the stove. *sigh* Wish I didn't get strange looks when I even suggest, just maybe having a nice sit down meal with place settings and such.  Oh well, to each there own...I just wish there were more in my family like me, lol
  3. You did a beautiful job with the place setting. What lovely linens those are and since they're eco-friendly, it's even better!

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