Teabag Folding Valentines Day Card

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Valentine's Day Teabag Card

Teabag Folding Valentines Day Card

Making a Teabag Folding Valentines Day Card is a great way to show that special person in your life how much you love them.  When I first heard the phrase teabag folding, I thought it was some weird way of re-using the bags that tea came in.  In fact, many years ago, that is what was used when someone did a teabag folding craft.  Today, teabag folding refers to the art of folding small, colorful tiles of paper into creative shapes. I tend to do this when I create my own cards for holidays. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I  thought I’d show you how to make them.


1 sheet of 12 teabag tiles
personal paper trimmer and/or scissors
glue stick
card stock
double sided tape or glue dots

Teabag Folding craft supplies


1.  Find a tiled paper that you like. You can purchase pre-printed papers if you like but I generally print free teabag folding tiles. I chose a pretty tile with some pink in it for Valentine’s Day.

2. Carefully cut out each tile.  I use a personal paper trimmer because it cuts the tiles out more evenly than I can by hand but you can certainly use scissors.

Teabag Folding Tiles

3. You will need twelves squares to create the card I’m making.

4. Take one piece of cardstock and cut it to be 5″ x 10″ .  Fold it in half. That will be your card base.

Teabag Tiles

5. Take four of the teabag tiles and glue them two on top and two on the bottom to the front of your folded cardstock.  That will be your card front.

Teabag Card

6. Fold each of the remaining eight teabag folding tiles in half and then in half again (in quarters).

Folded Teabag Tiles

7.  Set the first square on the table so it looks like a diamond.   Place the second square at a slight angle and use a tiny piece of double sided tape or glue dot to attach it to the first square. Continue placing all the squares until you have a rosette.

Teabag Folded Card

8. I used a heart shaped brad in the center of the rosette. You can use a pom pom or leave it blank if you’d rather.  I added in a scrapbooking heart in the upper right hand corner. You can use a sticker if you’d rather.



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