Planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party

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Are you planning a Fancy Nancy tea party? Or, would you love to learn more about Fancy Nancy? Check out these Fancy Nancy party ideas.

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Fancy Nancy is an adorable little girl who is featured in a Harper Collin’s children’s book series.  Fancy Nancy loves to dress up and be fancy and what better way to be fancy than by having a party.  I know some moms are intimidated by the thought of throwing a party for their child but Fancy Nancy has some super ideas to make party planning a whole lot easier.

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

One of the best ways to have a fun party is to have a theme for your party.  How about a Poetry Party? I know one of the earliest poems I ever memorized as a child was Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet and So are You.  Why not set up your party around roses and violets?  How about having it outside on a picnic table with vases of flowers for decorations?  Little poems could be written on paper and tied with color coordinated ribbons.

How about decorating cupcakes with frosting in the colors of the roses & violets?  You could take it a step further and let the kids decorate their own cupcakes with frosting & sugared flowers for even more fun.  Break out the pretty teacups and offer the kids some herbal tea for an amazing tea party!  If you live in the right area, you could take the kids on a flower walk afterward and see how many different types of flowers you can identify.

Here are a few Fancy Nancy tea party ideas.

Fancy Nancy party supplies

Of course, Fancy Nancy party supplies can really help to set the mood for your party. Fancy Nancy is all about dressing up whether that means wearing her Mom’s high heels or dressing up as a princess. If you cannot find character plates and napkins, it’s OK to use floral plates, butterfly plates, or tea party plates instead. Add a vase full of fresh flowers and a pretty blooming teapot and you’ll be all set. If the kids are old enough, don’t be afraid to let them use a real teapot and teacups.

Fancy Nancy craft

Most children’s parties will have some sort of craft activity for the kids to do. It helps keep them busy and gives them a favor to take home after the party. Since Fancy Nancy generally has flowers incorporated into most of her parties, making paper flowers is a fun Fancy Nancy craft idea. Or, why not make this adorable craft.

Fancy Nancy menu ideas

The menu for your Fancy Nancy tea party will depend on whether you want to keep it to desserts or whether you want to invite the other guests for a light lunch. If you have a tea party with desserts, pretty sugar cookies or decorated cupcakes work well. If you’d like to invite the guests for lunch, you can create cucumber tea sandwiches and a fruit salad.

Fancy Nancy activities

Of course, half of the fun of having a Fancy Nancy tea party is having a few fun activities for the kids to enjoy. There are quite a few fun books you can choose from. My personal favorites are Fancy Nancy Puppy Party and Fancy Nancy Tea for Two.

Planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party for the Kids to Enjoy

Fancy Nancy Tea Party Ideas

Here are a few gift ideas the kids may enjoy if you’re planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party:

Do you have any other ideas for a Fancy Nancy Tea Party? I’d love to know! Why not check out this adorable Disney Junior video on how to have a Tea Party. Nancy and Bree have lots of tips that will get you started on your own party.

Would you have your party inside or out? I can see this being a fun idea on the patio or in the garden if you have an outdoor table and chair set. Otherwise, a tea party inside would be exquisite as well. Just remember to add a few bouquets of pink flowers or potted plants to set the mood. You could even use paper flowers if you don’t have fresh ones available at the moment.

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