Make a Felt Bookmark for Easter with this Free Printable

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If you’re looking for an easy Easter Craft, you need to try this Felt Bookmark for Easter! I love reading, and I have a bad habit of folding the pages over of books I’m reading. Or, even worse, I bend the spine to lay the book with the pages open. Neither of those things is good for your book.  I decided rather than go out and buy a bookmark or use a random piece of scrap paper, I would try to make a cute bookmark for Easter.

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Felt Bookmark for Easter

I had originally thought about gluing several layers of felt together to add cute decorations but I wanted this bookmark to be relatively flat so my book could close easily. So, what I did was come up with a combination felt and paper bookmark that is more durable than paper but not as chunky as several pieces of felt. If you have any other felt bookmark ideas, I’d love it if you let me know.

Materials for the felt bookmark for Easter

How do you make an Easter bookmark?

  • Print out the felt bookmark template.
  • Carefully cut out each bookmark.

bookmark for Easter on sticky felt

  • Stick the bookmark on top of the sticky side of the felt. Be careful to line it up properly.
  • Cut the bookmark out of the felt.
  • Cut out the hole if you want to add ribbon or cut off the top if you do not.
  • Attach ribbon if you want through the hole.

craft supplies to make a felt bookmark for Easter

That’s really all there is to it. You can have the kids help you make these as a fun Easter craft. Or, you can make them yourself as an Easter basket stuffer along with this washcloth bunny rabbit. It also makes a fun craft for Sunday School or class parties. The kids may enjoy making this Easter bunny corner bookmark.

This is an easy bookmark that kids or adults can make. You can also include a favorite Easter book along with your basket. Or, you can tuck one of these bookmarks inside an Easter card to send to someone you know loves to read.

If you’re looking for another fun craft, you might want to try making my paint chip cards or make an Easter bunny candy holder from an empty glass jar. You might want to learn how to decoupage eggs if you’re looking for another Easter craft.  You won’t believe how easy it is. Or, learn how to use natural dyes when you color your Easter eggs this year. You won’t believe the range of colors!

If you’re looking for an easy Easter Craft, you need to try this Felt Bookmark for Easter!

If you’d like a few more Easter ideas, check out these healthy Easter ideas you can try. And, rescue a glass jar from the recycle basket by making a glass jar Easter bunny. There are so many fun Easter themed and spring-themed projects that you can make! I hope that you’ll try a few of them.

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