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Paint chip crafts are a great way to get creative without having to spend extra money on craft supplies. My craft supply budget is limited and while I love to create new things, I don’t want to run to the craft store every few days for more supplies.  I always seem to have extra paint chips around the house from painting projects that I’ve done in the past. I thought that it would be fun to see what I could make out of the paint chips instead of buying new scrapbook paper.

Paint chip crafts

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Paint Chip Crafts

here are a lot of different types of paint chip crafts I could have done.  Since making cards is one of my favorite things to do, I wanted to do something that I could use to embellish the front of a note card.  I decided to create a flower with the paint chips.

Paint chip crafts


  • Paint chips in your choice of colors. At least one should be green.
  • Blank note card & envelope
  • Glue stick
  • Brad
  • Scissors


Paint chip crafts

  • Cut 9 hearts out of similar colored paint chips.  What size you can make the hearts depends on the type of paint chips you have. 

Paint chip crafts

  • Glue 6 of the hearts on your blank note card to form the back of the flower.

Paint chip crafts

  • Connect three hearts at the point using a brad.

Paint chip crafts

  • Glue the 3 connected hearts on top of the 6 glued hearts to form a flower.
  • Cut out 3 green pieces in the shape of leaves and glue carefully, tucking under the flower.
  • You can write something under the flower or use a piece of ribbon if you prefer.

Have you ever tried to make any paint chip crafts? I love how many different color options there are. Different stores will have different sized paint chips so you can really be quite creative depending on what type of paint chip you have to work with.

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  1. Beautiful!! What a great reuse for those pieces of paper I have left over that aren't big enough for anything else.  Thanks Ellen!! Pinned & Tweeted!!
  2. Rose Powell says
    A paint chip craft is next on my to do list :) This looks like it was fun to make.
  3. It's a great use for the color swatches we're not going to use anymore.  We grabbed quite a few when picking out our dining room paint.
  4. Cute idea! I love paint chips for craft projects.
  5. Mag@GirlyCreation says
    I have a lot at home from previous painting project too and I have used those for making greeting cards and scrapbook projects. It is not just saving money, the cards are thick enough and the colors are so beautiful.
  6. That is just so clever! I would never have thought of such a thing. And your card is so cute.
  7. that is really cute. I have never seen paint chips being used like this before.
  8. Mel {MamaBuzz} says
    This is so cute! I actually have quite a few leftover paint chips from painting our kitchen and laundry room. I may have to try making this for my mom's birthday coming up. It's so pretty, Ellen. Thanks so much for linking up to Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week's issue.
    • Ellen Christian says
      Thank you so much, Mel! I have quite a few more to use myself. I just need to figure out what to do next!
  9. Shelley Schmidt says
    What a brilliant idea! I am definitely going to make this. I love making cards.
  10. cute idea
  11. Melissa M. Miller says
    I'm so glad I started reading your blog regularly.  I'm probably the world's least crafty person.  You've been inspiring.  I'm definitely going to have to do this! Since the adults don't typically exchange gifts around the holiday, this would be a nice way to show some extra love versus a store bought greeting card.


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