Easter in a Jar – Bunny Candy Holder

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Check out this Easter in a Jar Bunny Candy Holder! This Easter Bunny Candy Holder is a fun way to upcycle a glass jar into something useful.

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We don’t generally buy holiday decorations because I don’t like to store them for the rest of year. I love Easter lilies but since they are poisonous to animals, I’d rather not bring them into the house to tempt our cats. I wanted something festive for Easter without shopping so I decided to create an upcycled Easter decoration instead.

upcycled easter bunny candy holder

Easter Bunny Candy Holder

This Easter Bunny candy holder would be a great accent for your Easter table or a fun holiday decoration to set on your desk. Of course, if you don’t want to tempt yourself with a candy dish full of candy, you can use it to hold paper clips, rubber bands, or cotton balls. Or, if you’d rather not fill it, you can simply paint the jar white and leave it empty.
craft supplies for Easter bunny candy holder

Materials for the Easter Bunny Candy Holder

  • 1 small glass jar with lid
  • 1 bag of small Easter candies (optional)
  • 2 googly eyes or white and black paper to  make your own
  • 1 pink pom pom or small circle of pink paper
  • pink & white construction paper
  • 1 pkg pipe cleaners or thin pieces of black construction paper or Sharpie
  • Glu dots, glue sticks or white glue

Directions  for the Easter Bunny Candy Holder

  • Cut out ears from the white construction paper.
  • Cut out smaller pink ears from the pink construction paper.

ears for the easter bunny candy holder craft

  • Glue the pink ears to the front of the white ears with Elmer’s white glue.

ears, nose and mouth for the Easter bunny candy holder

  • Attach the ears to the back of the jar with Elmer’s glue or Elmer’s glue spots.
  • Glue the googly eyes and the pompom to the front of the jar.

empty Easter bunny candy holder

  • Cut the pipe cleaners if you use them to the right size to match your jar size. Or draw a mouth with a black Sharpie.
  • Attach the pipe cleaners to the front with Elmer’s glue spots. Let it dry.
  • Fill with candy of your choice!

Easter bunny candy holder and basket of white tulips

Upcycling is a great way to reuse something you would otherwise throw away. You might want to check out my upcycled Mardis Gras candle holder for more inspiration. When Easter is over and you’re left with a bunch of plastic eggs, consider decoupaging eggs them for a unique decoration for next year. Here are a few more eco-friendly Easter ideas.

Don’t feel like you can only use this Easter candy dish until Easter arrives. It can easily serve as a spring candy dish since rabbits are a popular sign of spring.

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  1. Oh, my gosh, that is so cute! My son would LOVE this craft. Thanks so much for posting it. I just gotta get some googly eyes.

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