Best Cleaning Products for Busy Women

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What are the best cleaning products for busy women? Check out my list of cleaning products that really work!

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When I was little, I remember watching an old black and white television program from the 50’s. I’m sure you’ve probably seen them yourself.

Best Cleaning Products for Busy Women That Really Work

Best Cleaning Products

The thing I remember the most from these programs is that the mom was generally vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, serving dinner, polishing silver, etc. in one of those 1950’s dresses and a pair of high heels. She looked perfectly put together and made the housework look effortless. There was never a hair out of place and she was always smiling. 

Flash forward to my life and let me share with you my reality. I don’t do housework in heels and a dress. You won’t find me smiling as I polish the furniture or scrub the floors. Actually, you won’t find me scrubbing the floors at all. I hire someone to do that.

What you will find me doing are the little things to keep the house picked up until the cleaning person stops by. As much as I’d like to have someone deep clean the house for me every week, it only happens once a month.

I cannot ignore the housework in between. It still needs to be done and because I don’t enjoy it and I honestly don’t have time to deal with it, I need to use the best cleaning products for busy women. This is what I make sure I stay on top of in between deep cleaning.

Best Cleaning Products for Busy Women That Really Work

Remove the Cat Hair

We have two cats. No matter what color surface I have in the house, you can see cat hair on it. Since I have no desire to be seen as that crazy cat lady, I regularly use a lint roller to remove the cat hair until it can be vacuumed.

Wash the Dishes

We have a small house with a small kitchen. That means we have no room for a dishwasher. All of our dishes are washed by hand.  This can be VERY hard on my hands and nails especially when I need to scrub something.  

A dish wand keeps my hands out of the water and holds extra dish soap. As an extra bonus, remember to put on gloves when you wash dishes to protect your manicure. A microfiber cloth works well to remove lint as you clean.

Best Cleaning Products for Busy Women That Really Work

Clean the Bathroom

I know. Cleaning the bathroom is one of my least favorite jobs but it really does need to be done. While I am not a huge fan of disposables, a disposable toilet wand lets me eliminate the ooky (is that a word?) part of the toilet brush. That way, I’m only storing the handle rather than a wet toilet brush and whatever associated water drips off it.

Check out this homemade disinfectant recipe.

Dusting Quickly

Today’s furniture doesn’t really need to be polished like it did when our moms were little. All it needs most of the time is a quick wipe to remove dust and cobwebs. Yes, you can use furniture polish and a cotton cloth when you have time.

But, in between, I find that a feature duster does an amazing job at removing the most noticeable problems. You can make homemade furniture polish when your furniture needs some serious attention.

oranges, nuts and cinnamon on a cutting board

Freshen the Air

Freshening the air is a great way to make your house smell cleaner. But, it’s not always possible depending on the weather. Because we try to avoid artificial fragrances whenever possible,

I use an essential oil diffuser to diffuse anything from peppermint to lavender essential oils depending on my mood. You can always make a quick batch of my simmering potpourri.

Check out my favorite diffuser blends.

Keeping up with these basics will have your home looking and smelling fresh and clean for unexpected company or just to impress your family. Do you have anything on your best cleaning products list that I haven’t mentioned?

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14 thoughts on “Best Cleaning Products for Busy Women”

  1. Happy to be given some new tips for good products to make my cleaning easier. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time cleaning than anything.
  2. I think a dish wand is a great idea. I have to wash my dishes by hand also. So, I never get my nails done because I know they will be ruined by having my hands in water constantly.
  3. I love cleaning with E-cloths...saves on paper towels:) I also clean a lot with white vinegar:) Just be careful mixing chemicals...some mixtures can be deadly.
  4. I am a dust fighter 24/7. Between the bus line, a major freeway, and the Burbank airport nearby, I get more than my fair share of dust and soot thank you very much. It's never ending so I'm trying to vucuum and dust more often. I've been running my air purifying more and not sure if that is helping. My mom was always good at keeping the house clean and often I feel like I don't measure up to her standards! She had that fresh country air though, so no comparison. I do love those lint rollers--especially for my clothes too.

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