DIY Dusting Spray Solution for Furniture Care

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This DIY Dusting Spray is the homemade dusting solution you’ve been searching for. Try this money-saving cleaning recipe today.

This is a simple homemade cleaning spray that uses just a few simple ingredients and costs pennies to make. There are so many different types of cleaning products that it’s easy to forget you can make most of them by yourself. This homemade dusting solution will help remove and repel dust so that you can clean less often.

DIY dusting spray in a brown bottle with lavender on the counter

DIY Dusting Spray

I love making my own cleaning products. Have you had a chance to try my homemade furniture polish? It’s a wonderful way to restore shine to wood. Or, this is a cheap homemade screen cleaner that really works when it comes to cleaning electronics. This vinegar citrus spray is my go-to all-purpose cleaner.

I usually use this spray every other week. In between, I follow up with my feather duster if I notice that there is a lot of dust. It’s important to control allergens in your home and this works well.

Frequently asked questions

How can I naturally dust?

Store-bought dusting sprays contain harmful chemicals I don’t want in my home. This DIY dusting spray helps to cut through the grime on your wood. And, the vinegar helps to repel dust in the future. 

Do I need essential oils?

No, you don’t need them. If you want a DIY dusting spray without essential oils, just leave them out. Pets are sensitive to essential oils so many people prefer not to use them in their homes. In this case, they only serve to add a pleasant scent to your homemade dusting solution. 

This DIY Dusting Spray is the homemade dusting solution you've been searching for. Try this money-saving cleaning recipe today.

Dusting spray alternatives

If you want a dusting spray with no vinegar, you may want to try using a feather duster instead of a spray. It won’t repel the dust. But, it does a good job of removing dust from the surface of the furniture.  I use this one and absolutely love it.

What’s in this DIY dusting spray?

There are only a few simple ingredients. You will need water, vinegar, olive oil, essential oils. The vinegar helps to repel the dust. And, the olive oil helps to recondition the wood. You will also need a spray bottle and a funnel. 

Finally, if you prefer not to use olive oil, you can use fractionated coconut oil. 

bottle of DIY dusting spray on the counter with cloths

How to use this DIY dusting spray

First, just mix the ingredients together. The ingredients and directions are below. Then, shake gently and spray your cloth. You don’t need to use a lot. Finally, wipe the surface clean to remove dust and particles. Repeat as needed. 

The step by step photos to make this homemade dusting solution

As a note, there are no preservatives in this cleaning solution. So don’t make up a huge batch as there is always a potential for bacteria growth. So, I make up a small batch and store it in the refrigerator. Just allow it to come to room temperature and shake before using it.

So, if you’re wondering how to dust without Pledge, I hope that you’ll give this DIY dusting spray a try. Change up the essential oils to find a fragrance that you enjoy. Lemon or citrus is always a good choice for a fresh, clean scent.

What kind of cloth is best to dust?

Ideally, you want a cloth that does not leave behind fibers. It defeats the purpose of dusting if you will be leaving fiber particles behind on the wood. My choice is always a microfiber cloth. I generally buy a big stack of them and just toss shake them out as needed. Finally, you can also use a genuine chamois cloth instead of microfiber if you want to avoid the plastics.

If you’re crafty, you can crochet your own dust cloth. My grandmother always did this. But, I have no skill when it comes to crochet so I use microfiber instead.

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Yield: 1

DIY Dusting Spray Solution for Furniture Care

This DIY Dusting Spray is the homemade dusting solution you've been searching for. Try this money-saving cleaning recipe today.

This DIY Dusting Spray is the homemade dusting solution you’ve been searching for. Try this money-saving cleaning recipe today.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $5.00


  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup distilled white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil
  • 10 to 15 drops essential oil


  • whisk


  1. Remove the spray bottle top. Set funnel into the mouth of the bottle.
  2. Pour all ingredients into a measuring cup.
  3. Mix with a whisk.
  4. Pour into the spray bottle.
  5. Reseal the lid and shake well.
  6. Spray as needed and wipe with an absorbent cloth.


You can change the essential oils you use based on personal preference. I like lavender and lemon.

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