The Benefits of Decluttering Your Possessions

Last Updated on August 31, 2023 by Ellen Christian

What happens when you declutter? Learn more about the benefits of decluttering your possessions for your health, happiness, and peace of mind.

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I'm sharing this in case a few of my readers are feeling overwhelmed by their possessions and wondering about the benefits of decluttering.

The Benefits of Decluttering 

Several years ago, I looked around my house and realized I had way too much stuff. No, we aren’t talking hoarders level. There were just things everywhere and each of those things had to be cleaned around and organized and taken care of.

The overall lack of clear, flat surfaces was making me stressed out. Each of those piles was a reminder that there was something I needed to do.

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A shirt that needed a button – even though I hadn’t worn it in over a year. A pile of papers needed to be filed – even though I wasn’t sure exactly why I was holding onto it. It all got to be too much and I started decluttering.

I’m sharing this in case a few of my readers are feeling the same way I did and are wondering about the benefits of decluttering.

baskets and bins piled on top of each other on a shelf

Organizing vs decluttering

Many people mistake organizing for decluttering, but they really aren’t the same thing at all. When you organize, you put like things together. When you declutter, you get rid of things you don’t need.

If you organize 35 candle holders, you would put them all in a plastic tub or a cupboard. They still need to be dusted, washed and cleaned around. They still take up space.

If you declutter them, you will keep the one or two that are your favorites and donate the rest of them. You now have more room and you are happy each time you use one of your favorite candle holders.

donation box

Where to donate things you don’t want

But, what do you do with the 33 candle holders, 9 sweaters, 3 pairs of shoes and 14 coffee cups? You don’t want to throw them away and contribute to the landfill. In most cases, they aren’t recyclable.

And, you don’t want have friends that want them. Donate them.

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There’s never a bad time to clear the clutter out of your home or garage, or to do a wardrobe purge.  When you donate your stuff to Goodwill and other thrift stores, the revenue from the sale of your donations helps fund job training and placement opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages directly in your community. That’s cleaning with a purpose.

a plastic tub full of clothets

Where to donate clothes

  • Thrift stores
  • Consignment stores
  • Yard sales
  • Women’s shelters
  • Church donations

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Biggest benefits of decluttering

  • Less anxiety
  • Fewer allergens
  • Save money
  • Sleep better in an organized bedroom
  • More free time for things you enjoy

Learn more today about how to donate your stuff.

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12 thoughts on “The Benefits of Decluttering Your Possessions”

  1. Sometimes organizing just would not work. I need to declutter our home. It is just so hard to let go of some things that remind me of people, occasion, or a feeling.
  2. Ellen I couldn't agree more! What I would like to add to your wonderful post is that Goodwill recycles just about everything. If they receive a donation they can't sell, they have a myriad of recycle facilities that they use. So they are able to recycle, maybe not 100%, but pretty close to it so that unwanted items do not end up in landfills.
  3. I DECLUTTER my home a few years ago. I do not miss all the 'stuff' that got donated to others. It feels like I can breath and a feeling of freedom has reappeared. thanks
  4. If you live in a small apartment, decluttering is a must. I like the idea of donating and decluttering when you bring something new into the house--one in, one out. December is a good time to do that, especially in the coat closet!
  5. We have a shop here in town that we send our household good to. They help to serve the community. At Christmas the the kids in to "shop" for presents for their parents.
  6. I like to organize and declutter. Decluttering helps make me less stressed and appreciate the items that I do have. At times I have been upset when things have broke or became damaged but realized that I unintentionally decluttered and don't miss the extra stuff once it is gone.

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