Peach Breakfast Parfait Recipe With Fresh Peaches

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This peach breakfast parfait is perfect for summer. We’re experiencing record breaking high temperatures here in Vermont with day after day of temps over 90F. OK so those of you in the south may look at 90F and laugh but for us that’s brutal. For the most part, Vermonters don’t have air conditioning because it doesn’t usually get that hot here. I can tell you that I am less than happy with 95F in my kitchen and I am absolutely positively not cooking anything I don’t have to. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Peach Breakfast Parfait Recipe With Fresh Peaches

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Peach Breakfast Parfait

Of course, the kids are still hungry constantly and I need to provide healthy snacks for them. I want something that’s easy to prepare, doesn’t involve me cooking anything and is loaded with healthy goodness. Granola is packed with both taste and goodness. The nuts and dried fruits are high in fiber and are a great source of energy.

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I love combining yogurt and granola for an extra punch. Eating granola and yogurt before bed helps to front load your muscles. This produces a special type of carbohydrate called glycogen which helps increase your energy levels the next day. More energy is something I can always use. I often choose granola for breakfast because oats are high in iron and I tend to be anemic. Once you add in the high fiber which is good for weight loss and healthy digestion and you don’t get much better.

Peach Breakfast Parfait Recipe With Fresh Peaches

I look for a granola that contains things like oat bran, nuts, flax seeds and is lightly sweetened.  Natural sweeteners like honey and maple are definitely the way to go. Flax seed is high in soluble fiber which lowers bad cholesterol and it’s also high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Peach Breakfast Parfait Recipe with Fresh Peaches
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  • 4 fresh peaches
  • 2 cups of Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup of granola
  • optional extra fresh fruit like strawberries
  • optional sprinkle on chia or flax seeds


  1. Layer yogurt, sliced peaches, and granola in parfait cups.
  2. Top with a final layer of yogurt and granola.
  3. Or, deconstruct this parfait and serve it in a bowl like I do when we don't have parfait cups.

This is a wonderful summer snack or healthy summer breakfast.  The kids each had huge glasses of this and actually came back and wanted seconds!  It is so good to see them eating something healthy and good for you.

Peach Breakfast Parfait Recipe With Fresh Peaches


  1. Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie says
    Those look delicious! I love peaches and I love parfaits! My mother used to make me fruit and oatmeal parfaits for breakfast when I was in school.
  2. Jenna Wood says
    This looks so much better than anything I'd find in a fast food restaurant. I love that I can enjoy it any time of day as a guilt free and filling snack!
  3. Cuzinlogic says
    What a simple yet delicious looking treat! Today wasn't too hot, but I know the heats coming soon. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Samantha says
    that looks really good!
  5. Oh now I'm Craving Peach Breakfast Parfait and it's 11pm and no peaches in the house~!! lol don't you hate those late night cravings. I know what I will be purchasing tomorrow.
  6. Can't beat something that looks that yummy, is easy to make and is healthy too!
  7. Our Village is a Little Different says
    That looks fantastic, and the peaches are so good right now! I don't know why I never thought to do this with peaches instead of berries. Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. Our Village is a Little Different says
    PS- a granola with coconut, peaches, and some flax seed, too.. huge win!
  9. That looks wonderful! Thanks for the idea!
  10. Sounds so great! Peaches are one of my favorite summer fruits!
  11. My girlfriend would love this as a snack. :)
  12. jill24295 says
    We love parfaits in the summer. Ours is usually simply vanilla yogurt, straberries and blueberries. Love your recipe.
  13. Momma Teri says
    Normally I would swing for a strawberry parfait but this looks delic!
  14. Danielle says
    I love parfaits and that looks delicious!
  15. I love peaches and I have never had any in a parfait. This seems like a refreshing summer treat. Thanks for the great idea.
  16. Wow! I'd love to dig into that!
  17. Jennifer says
    I want one so bad! They look so good!!

    -Jennifer's Deals
  18. LAMusing says
    That looks so yummy - and simple to make!
  19. Love yogurt and granola!
  20. Kimbuckjr says
    Hey Ellen! This recipe sounds VERY yummy! I can't wait to prepare this Parfait for me and my family. I was wondering...if 'Fresh Peaches' aren't in season, may I use canned peaches? I mean, I guess I could, probably won't taste as good, huh?
    Thank you SO much for sharing this very YUMMY recipe!!!
  21. Hi - You certainly could use canned peaches but I think it would loose some of the contrast between the fresh peach and the Greek yogurt. It would be better than no peaches at all :)
  22. Oh, wow, this sounds really great! I have one problem though, I can't eat yogurt because it is loaded with potassium. I have a bladder condition that if I take in potassium it makes it burn for days! What else could go in there besides yogurt?
  23. Mary - I would definitely try it with vanilla pudding instead - yummy!
  24. Looks good!
  25. peripatetic33 says
    that looks so quick and easy
  26. I'm not a peach fan but this would be good with other fruits. Thanks for the recipe :)

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