How to Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

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Do you know how to make your cut flowers last longer? It’s the height of summer and one of my favorite parts of summer is the flowers growing out in our yard. I love bringing cut flowers inside so I can enjoy the blossoms and colors throughout the house. It never seems like cut flowers last as long as I want them to but I have found a few tips and tricks to make them last longer. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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How to make your cut flowers last longer

How to Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

The longer I can make my flowers last, the less frequently I need to cut them. That means that the flowers I’ve planted outside can stay outside to brighten up my yard.

Cut Early

Cut garden flowers early in the morning before the sun has had a chance to dry out the petals. The higher the moisture content of your flower when you cut it, the longer it will stay fresh.

Remove Leaves

When arranging flowers, remove any leaves or greenery that will be below the water line in your glass vases. If you leave them below the water line, they will rot. Remove any dying flowers as soon as you notice them.  Dying flowers will cause other flowers around them to die.


Cut at an Angle

Don’t cut the stems straight across when you cut them. Instead, cut them on a 45 45-degreegle and they’ll last longer. Use a sharp pair of floral scissors to get the best cut.

Add Bleach

Add one tablespoon of bleach to each quart of water that you use. It will kill any bacteria, keep the water clear and prevent the water from stinking. Change the water every single day. Rinse the stems in cold fresh water and refill the vase.

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Avoid Direct Sun

Never place flowers in direct sunlight, heat or in front of a fan. All of these can cause flowers to wilt faster. Instead, place the flowers in an area that gets dappled sunlight or partial shade.

Choose the Best Vase

Use the correct size vase for the flower height. A larger flower will flop over the top of mini glass vases and may cause the stem to break. Small blooms will fall below the top of the vase in a very tall vase.

Add Flower Food

To be sure your cut flowers stay fresh as long as possible, you’ll want to add flower food to the water. Your flowers will need nutrients to stay healthy.

How do you make your cut flowers last longer?

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  1. I would never have thought of bleach, either! I would love for the garden blooms to last as long as the florist bouquets.
  2. I always get so frustrated when my flowers die so quickly. These are great tips! Maybe I will have to get some flowers from hubby (*grin*) and try out these ideas!! Happy Friday, Ellen! :)

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