Vermont Cheddar Bacon Popcorn Recipe

This Vermont Cheddar Bacon Popcorn recipe has been made possible by a sample provided at no charge.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

We love salty snacks in a variety of flavors at our house.  We don’t buy a lot of packaged salty snacks because they are often loaded with artificial ingredients and are not gluten free.  Since my daughter is gluten intolerant, I really prefer to bring food into the house that she can enjoy as well. JOLLY TIME Pop Corn  is a whole grain snack that is gluten free and can easily be created in a variety of delicious flavors that the whole family will enjoy. I also love knowing that JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is a non-GMO product! That is so important in my family.

Vermont Cheddar Bacon Popcorn Recipe

Vermont Cheddar Bacon Popcorn Recipe

Vermont Cheddar Bacon Popcorn Recipe

A delicious gluten free snack the whole family can enjoy.

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  • 1/3 cup JOLLY TIME Pop Corn kernels
  • 1/2 cup grated Vermont Cheddar Cheese
  • 1/2 cup finely crumbled, cooked bacon
  • oil for popping
panna cooking


  1. Add the oil to a heavy pot with a tight fitting lid.
  2. Add the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn kernels and pop on high until they are all popped.
  3. Quickly sprinkle the grated Vermont cheddar cheese and the bacon pieces over the top of the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn while the popcorn is still hot.
  4. If you need to, cover the popcorn with tin foil and put it in a warm oven to completely melt the cheese.
  5. Serve Vermont Cheddar Bacon Popcorn warm and enjoy
Recipe Type: Snack, Gluten Free

This popcorn is a delicious grown up treat for movie night or any time you’re entertaining.   We chose aged Vermont sharp cheddar cheese (of course) to top our JOLLY TIME Pop Corn, however it would be equally delicious topped with Parmesan or even blue cheese instead.  Go with your family’s favorite tastes and enjoy.


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  1. What a neat idea!  :)
  2. I'll have to save this recipe! I can't eat popcorn when I'm pregnant or it kills my tummy. Looks and sounds delicious. Pinned! 
  3. Bacon goes with everything!
  4. Tiffany Cruz says:
    That looks like a nice snack to eat while watching my favorite shows on TV.
  5. Liza @ Views From the 'Ville says:
    I sooooo need to make this.  Vermont cheddar and bacon?  I don't know that there's a better pairing!  Add it on top of popcorn (my favorite snack) and I just may swoon.
  6. yum! I love cheese AND bacon...the popcorn makes it a tasty snack!
  7. You had me at bacon :) So yummy!
  8. Wow! I bet that is tasty! The smokey bacon with the cheddar. Yum!
  9. OH MY! You had me at Bacon and Cheese! ;) I would have never thought to add something like that to popcorn!
  10. Three letters....Y...U...M!!!!!!
  11. Popcorn, cheddar, and bacon are three of my favorite things! ;) I don't think popcorn could possibly get any better than this! Thanks for sharing :)
  12. WOW! My family would devour this!!
  13. Marie Czarnecki says:
    Hey man, this is up my alley.. love popcorn, bacon and mucho cheese!! WOW!!!
  14. What could be better...popcorn, cheese AND bacon...sounds great!


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