Container Gardening Vegetables

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My husband and I have wanted to start container gardening vegetables this year.  In the past, we have had a traditional garden but the upkeep is starting to be more than we can handle.  

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Container gardening vegetables

Container Gardening Vegetables

When I was asked to be part of a program with Home Depot to discuss container gardening edibles, I was thrilled.  If you haven’t had a chance already, you can read about some of my DIY project ideas for this spring and see how I started planning my vegetable garden.

There are many different ways you can get started with container gardening vegetables.  The option depends on the room you want to devote to gardening, what you are growing, and how much you want to grow.  

I use a variety of different types of containers for other things.  I headed home to Home Depot with my son to pick up everything we needed for our raised bed container garden this year.

Container gardening raised beds

Raised Beds.  

We went with the Greenes Fence 48″ x 96″ cedar raised garden bed. This will have the bulk of our vegetables in it. At 4′ x 8′, it’s the perfect size for our family while still being manageable for me.

Landscaping cloth.

I hate weeds. The only thing I hate more than weeds is weeding the garden. A layer of landscaping cloth below the raised bed will help keep weeding to a minimum. This is an absolute must for container gardening vegetables.

Container gardening soil


I chose organic soil to plant in. I prefer to keep the chemicals away from what we eat. Don’t use plain dirt in your container garden. It can harbor bacteria and is generally loaded with tons of seeds that will erupt into various weeds.


I admit to having a massive weakness for herbs. When I plant annuals like basil, I prefer to keep them in pots rather than plant them in the garden itself.  I always choose pots with holes in the bottom and a raised reservoir for holding extra water. It saves me lots of time in the garden.

Strawberry pot.

I love fresh strawberries.  I’ve tried strawberries in the ground before, but our chipmunks beat me to them.  A strawberry pot will help keep them safe until they are ready to be picked.

Container gardening plants

Plants and seeds.

I picked a variety of plants and seeds for our vegetable garden.  I’ll share another post with you all once everything is in the ground. It’s still early for planting here in Vermont in zone 4. Our plants must be covered with sheets at night if the temperature drops below freezing.

Container gardening supplies

Where to find the best supplies for container gardening vegetables

Home Depot had a great selection of things I needed to begin container gardening vegetables.  The employees in the garden department were all extremely helpful in loading things onto my cart, getting things off higher shelves and helping me find what I was looking for.  

I love that Home Depot had a raised bed kit.  I don’t do a lot with power tools. While I can use power tools, it is much easier for me to order the wood already cut to the proper size.  I also like having all the pieces in one kit as it saves me huge amounts of time.  So, I don’t have to hunt for the pieces I need to complete the project.

wooden frame for raised beds

Container gardening vegetables

Container gardening vegetables

What do I need for container gardening vegetables?

I was impressed with how easy setting up the raised bed garden was.  All I needed was a screwdriver for six screws. That was all there was to it.  The boards just slid into place into the notched end pieces.  I had my 15-year-old son help me put it together and put down the landscaping fabric.  Then we filled it with dirt.  

I’ll have another post up soon with planting the veggies and the rest of the container garden.  Stay tuned!

It’s home improvement time, and The Home Depot has everything you need for container gardening vegetables. No matter what projects you want to tackle, they have great values on all you need. They’re also ready to help you with renovation ideas and expert advice.

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8 thoughts on “Container Gardening Vegetables”

  1. we have lots of raised is definitely the way to go! I add a little bit of cow manure every year and we are good for another year of planting!
  2. those are really nice raised beds. we have three beds that are just single layer of timbers, and I really don't like them, they look like shuffle board courts sort of. I am going to have to send my hubby to look at these at Home Depot.
  3. We planted our container garden, 4 pots of peppermint, strawberries, green okra, and patio tomatoes, last week in Oklahoma. However, we are having an unusually late winter, so I am worried about them, particularly my fragile okra. Where is the sun??
    • I know! I need more sun and warm temps here too! I've never tried okra before. We have all our pots covered just to be safe!
  4. Wow! That is easy. I can't wait to see it come alive with all of the plants. It's too cold to plant here in Montana too. In fact the berry plants we are going to put in won't even be available at The Home Depot for at least two more weeks. It's nice when a project can be nice and easy, isn't it?
    • I was really happy with how simple it was to put together the raised beds. No tools except for a screwdriver! I cannot wait until it warms up here in Vermont!

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