Benefits of Whole Grain Popcorn for Digestion

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Have you ever wondered about the benefits of whole grain popcorn as a snack?  Snacks like chips, crackers, puffs, and cookies often don’t contain whole grains. Because they are refined, their fiber content is often very low. But, whole grain popcorn contains the kernel which makes it a better fiber choice which helps with digestion.

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Benefits of Whole Grain Popcorn for Digestion and More

Benefits of Whole Grain Popcorn

Did you know that popcorn is the only snack that is 100% whole grain? It is. But, what exactly does that mean? And, where does the kernel come from? Popcorn comes from a special variety of corn. The corn is allowed to mature and then the kernels are harvested and dried. Once the kernel is dried, it’s ready to pop.

If you’re a popcorn lover like we are, you’re probably familiar with the hulls that get stuck in your teeth. When the popcorn is heated, the water inside the kernel expands as steam until the kernel pops open and turns inside out. The hull of the popcorn is the seed and the inclusion of that seed is what makes popcorn a whole grain.

Benefits of Whole Grain Popcorn for Digestion

What is whole grain?

What does the term whole grain mean? The term whole grain means that the food contains all three parts of the grain (bran, germ, or endosperm). Grains like wheat and rice that are processed into foods like chips and crackers have had one or more of these parts of the grain removed. When this happens, the snack is considered to be refined. Whole grain popcorn contains all three parts of the grain.

Whole grain popcorn nutrition facts

One of the reasons that I love whole grain popcorn is that it is high in fiber compared to many other snacks because the hull of the popcorn cannot be easily digested. Adding fiber to your diet promotes healthy digestion. As a woman in menopause, fiber is one of those things that I make a special effort to include in my diet as often as possible.

Benefits of fiber for digestion and more

Of course, there are lots of benefits that added fiber have for your diet including improved digestion. Did you know that adding more fiber to your diet can help lower your cholesterol? It can also help lower your blood sugar level.  And, the antioxidants in popcorn can even help to combat free radicals that contribute to aging.

Benefits of Whole Grain Popcorn for Digestion

Whole grain popcorn brands

I’ve been enjoying the whole grain popcorn from Gary Poppins Snacks. Their popcorn is non-GMO and is made in small batches in the USA using popcorn from local farmers. You can find Gary Poppins popcorn in a variety of different flavors including:

  • Creamery Butter
  • Classic Caramel
  • Classic Cheddar
  • Kettle Corn
  • Carma, Cheddar, Kettle
  • White, Cheddar, Jalapeno

Benefits of Whole Grain Popcorn for Digestion

I love that these flavors are popped in small batches to maximize freshness and quality. It means that the whole grain popcorn you get from Gary Poppins Snacks is the best quality it can be. Check out the video below for a look into how this whole grain popcorn snack is made.

Of course, all of the flavors I received from Gary Poppins Snacks were delicious. I love that this is a whole grain snack I can feel good about eating. If I had to pick my favorite flavor, it would be a tie between the Creamery Butter and the Kettle Corn. My husband’s favorite is the White Cheddar Jalapeno.

Benefits of Whole Grain Popcorn for Digestion

You can buy Gary Poppins popcorn in a variety of ways including single serving bags. My husband loves these because it’s easy for him to manage portion control. But, you can also find the popcorn in larger bags and even tins. If you’d like the chance to win some of this amazingly delicious popcorn for yourself, keep reading!

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  1. I was not aware of this brand before reading your post and now I will be on a hunt for it..popcorn is my one "carby" treat I've allowed myself as a diabetic. Thanks so much for this great review!
  2. Healthy snacks are a must have for a healthy family. Having Healthy snacks like whole grain popcorn on hand keeps the cravings for junk food at bay.

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