Turkey Quilling Project – Thanksgiving Craft Projects #TBCcrafters

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Turkey Quilling Project Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving craft projects

I really love working with paper and this turkey quilling projects is one of the cutest Thanksgiving craft projects I’ve seen in a long time.  Quilling or paper filigree is a paper art that involves rolling, shaping and gluing thin strips of paper to create decorative designs.  Quilling has been around since the Renaissance age and can be very simple or amazingly complex.  I’ve been quilling for a few years but my projects are still quite basic.

Turkey Quilling Project

Turkey quilling project


  • Quilling papers (1/8″) – at least one brown, black, and red plus 8 other strips of different colors
  • Quilling board
  • Quilling tool
  • White glue that dries invisible
  • Toothpicks


Turkey Quilling Craft

  • Using your quilling tool, wrap one piece of brown quilling paper around the tool loosely to form the head of the turkey. Glue the end of the strip to the circle to hold it in place and place it on the quilling board to dry.

Thanksgiving Craft Projects

  • Taking eight strips of quilling paper, wrap them slow to form a circle.  Leave several inches of paper hanging at the end.  Glue randomly as you’re rolling the strips to help it keep its shape.

Thanksgiving Craft Project

  • Curl the ends of the eight pieces of paper in different sizes and different directions.

Thanksgiving quilling project

  • Glue the body of the turkey onto a piece of card stock. Then, carefully glue on the *feathers*  randomly.

Turkey quilling project Thanksgiving

  • Glue the head piece near the body piece.

Quilling Thanksgiving

  • Take a small piece of black quilling paper and form a small circle.  Pinch one end to form the beak and then glue the other end to the head piece.

Thanksgiving Quilling Card

Take a tiny piece of red quilling paper and curl it loosely for the waddle.

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  1. Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva says
    I love quilling but have not done it for several years now. Looks like there are some great tools to use now. I used white glue and toothpicks and cut my own strips!!! Love the turkey would be a great placecard for Thanksgiving!!!
  2. Mary/ Raising Dick and Jane says
    Its beautiful! Looks like alot of work and patience needed :)
  3. Rachel Ferrucci says
    This is so cute and now I have something to make with Prince!
  4. I've always seen this type of craft, but never knew about quilling - learn something new every day!! Great post!!
  5. Denise Seegobin says
    I love the pictures it is a great one. I can't wait to try it
  6. That is adorable!! I started making cards again recently, but clearly I need to up my game! Thanks for the inspiration!
  7. I wish I had the patience for this, it's super cute. You'd see it in a store for $7+
  8. Here's a perfect example of "ya learn something new everyday"  I had no idea about quilling.   I've seen projects similar on pinterest using recycled toilet paper tubes.      
  9. Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity says
    That's pretty cool looking. I have never even heard of quilling before! Interesting technique. I wonder if it's too involved for a 7-year-old to do?
  10. Awesome! So elegant and simple. -r
  11. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I didn't know the word for this craft - quilling!  I just learned something new.  I thought that was called 'rolling paper craft thing' :-)  Your card is beautiful!  What a neat craft, hobby and creation!  Loved the detailed directions of how to make it!
  12. Mag@Girlycreation says
    This is so cool and simple, definitely will try with the kids. Thanks for sharing this idea.
  13. How fun! Love simple crafts like this. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Tender Allure says
    Cute!  Great idea! http://www.tenderallure.com/
  15. Katrina @ Enchanted Savings says
    That looks really cool!  I've never done any quilling before
  16. How neat! I would put that as a work of art on my wall! Thanks for showing me something new (and awesome!!)
  17. That is so neat! I have always wanted to try quilling but never had. May have to give it a try now!!
  18. Oh, the holiday cards that could be made with this! I've never tried quilling. Your card is gorgeous.:) Thanks for linking up to Inspire Me Wednesday.


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