Turkey Quilling Project for Thanksgiving

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Are you looking for turkey quilling projects? There are lots of quilled turkey Thanksgiving cards but this one is my favorite. Make it here. Turkey Quilling Project Thanksgiving Crafts

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Turkey Quilling Project

I love the way that quilling turns a simple notecard into something special. If you’re not familiar with quilling, keep reading.

I really love working with paper and this turkey quilling project is one of the cutest Thanksgiving craft projects I’ve seen in a long time.  

Quilling or paper filigree is a paper art that involves rolling, shaping, and gluing thin strips of paper to create decorative designs.  

Quilling has been around since the Renaissance age and can be very simple or amazingly complex.  I’ve been quilling for a few years, but my projects are still basic.

So, if you’re new to the craft, there is no reason you can’t do this Turkey quilling project too.

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How do you make the rolled paper quills?

The individual circles of rolled paper are made using a quilling tool. It’s a small metal tool with a nib on one side. You slide a strip of quililng paper into that nib, and you twist the tool until you have a roll the size you need.

What kind of paper do you use for quilling?

There are special 1/8″ wide strips of colored paper used for this turkey quilling project. It’s important that they are all a uniform size. So, you could try to make your own. But, it is so much easier to just purchase a package of strips. 


quilling supplies

Turkey quilling project supplies

Turkey quilling project directions:

Turkey Quilling Craft

Using your quilling tool, wrap one piece of brown quilling paper around the tool loosely to form the head of the turkey. Glue the end of the strip to the circle to hold it in place and place it on the quilling board to dry.

Thanksgiving Craft Projects

Taking eight strips of quilling paper, wrap them slow to form a circle.  Leave several inches of paper hanging at the end.  Glue randomly as you’re rolling the strips to help it keep its shape.

Thanksgiving Craft Project

Curl the ends of the eight pieces of paper in different sizes and different directions.

Thanksgiving quilling project

Glue the body of the turkey onto a piece of card stock. Then, carefully glue on the *feathers*  randomly.

Turkey quilling project Thanksgiving

Glue the head piece near the body piece.

Quilling Thanksgiving

Take a small piece of black quilling paper and form a small circle.  Pinch one end to form the beak and then glue the other end to the headpiece.

Thanksgiving Quilling Card

Take a tiny piece of red quilling paper and curl it loosely for the waddle. That’s all there is to this simple turkey quilling project.

How to finish off the card

So, I simply did this turkey quilling project on a plain notecard to show you how it is done. But, if you want to make it a little bit fancier, you can layer different colors of notecards on top of the plain notecard for visual interest. Check out the technique when I made this spring garden card. You can use a ribbon labeler to add a saying to your card, as I did here.

Thanksgiving card messages

Some people like to write a message or poem inside their Thanksgiving card rather than write a note. If you’re looking for Thanksgiving card messages, here are a whole bunch that you can choose from.

Just check out this post. Or, you can always write a simple message to friends and family instead.

Other quilling projects

If you really enjoy this turkey quilling project, you might want to try this cat quilling card that I made for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. Or, you might want to try this holiday place card I made. You can set it on everyone’s dinner plate at Thanksgiving. Check out the video above for a few more fun ideas.

Other types of papercrafts

If you enjoy papercrafts like this turkey quilling project, there are many different techniques that you can learn. Have you ever considered teabag folding? Or, you might want to try origami. You could learn to make these butterflies and attach them to your notecards.

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  1. Oh, the holiday cards that could be made with this! I've never tried quilling. Your card is gorgeous.:) Thanks for linking up to Inspire Me Wednesday.
  2. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I didn't know the word for this craft - quilling!  I just learned something new.  I thought that was called 'rolling paper craft thing' :-)  Your card is beautiful!  What a neat craft, hobby and creation!  Loved the detailed directions of how to make it!
  3. That's pretty cool looking. I have never even heard of quilling before! Interesting technique. I wonder if it's too involved for a 7-year-old to do?
  4. Here's a perfect example of "ya learn something new everyday"  I had no idea about quilling.   I've seen projects similar on pinterest using recycled toilet paper tubes.      
  5. I love quilling but have not done it for several years now. Looks like there are some great tools to use now. I used white glue and toothpicks and cut my own strips!!! Love the turkey would be a great placecard for Thanksgiving!!!

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