Easy Washi Tape Crafts – Spring Garden Card

Last Updated on November 9, 2023 by Ellen Christian

I’m joining up with a bunch of other bloggers this month to share a garden craft. Check out my favorite easy Washi tape crafts – a spring garden card.

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Easy Washi Tape Crafts - Spring Garden Card

Easy Washi Tape Crafts

Washi tape is a versatile crafting material with countless uses. You can use it to decorate notebooks or planners, creating a personalized look. It’s also ideal for creating homemade greeting cards, adding a colorful and unique touch.

You can use washi tape for wall decoration, creating patterns or shapes directly onto the wall surface. It’s an excellent tool for scrapbooking, allowing you to add stylish borders or highlights to your pages.

Plus, washi tape is perfect for customizing everyday objects, such as phone cases or pencils, turning mundane items into eye-catching accessories.

Washi tape is loads of fun to play with because there are so many different designs. I really love the kawaii styles but they’re hard for me to find. Most of the time, I use sold or patterned Washi tape. This spring garden card uses three different types of Washi tape and paper flowers layered on top of each other.

washi tape with green design

Do you need glue for washi tape?

No, Washi tape is sticky on the back so you do not need glue to use it.

Tips for using Washi tape

Plan your design: Before you start, have a clear plan of what you want your final product to look like. This will help you choose which colors and patterns of tape to use.

Layer your tape: Don’t be afraid to layer your washi tape for a more intricate design. It’s easy to peel off if you make a mistake or want to change something.

Use a ruler: If you’re working on a project that requires precision, a ruler can be very helpful. This will ensure your lines are straight and your measurements are accurate.

Seal your work: If you’re using washi tape on a surface where it might get rubbed or scraped, consider sealing it with a clear craft sealer. This will help protect your work and ensure it lasts longer.

Be creative: The beauty of washi tape is that it can be used in so many different ways. Don’t feel limited, and instead, let your creativity run wild!

Easy Washi Tape Crafts - Spring Garden Card


How to make a washi tape card

  • Cut coordinating card stock to be in slightly smaller sizes than the note card.
  • Glue them down one on top of the other ending with white or a solid light color.
  • Cover the bottom part of the card with 3 strips of Washi tape in a pattern that coordinates with your card stock.
  • Glue the paper flowers and finish with a bead or rhinestone in the center of the flower
  • To make the envelope match the card, put a strip of one color of Washi tape across the bottom.

Easy Washi Tape Crafts - Spring Garden Card

For those of use that are still in the middle of winter and cannot quite get out into the garden yet, this is a great way to bring a bit of the garden inside to you!

Easy Washi Tape Crafts - Spring Garden Card

You may also want to try my Washi tape gift card envelope and my 3D paper pumpkin. Or, check out these decoden craft ideas for a fun kawaii project.

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  1. This is so preeeeeetttttyyyyy. I love how washi tape has so many gorgeous patterns. Ellen please don't stop at just a spring theme, let it snow *hint hint*.
  2. I would pay for a card like that any day of the week. I have never use washi tape before, but I do have a "thing" for cards. So this is just the craft projects for me. Thanks!
  3. This card that you created looks like a card that I would buy in the store! It is so pretty and you sure did a good job in creating a pretty Spring Time card. I know that I would love to receive a card like this.
  4. That turned out very pretty. I always wondered what you can do with Washi tape, and now I have a wonderful idea.  Thanks for sharing.

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