Cute Valentines Day Cards You Can Make

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Cute Valentines Day cards don’t have to come from the local card shop. There are plenty of Cute Valentines Day cards you can make yourself for your sweetheart or your children.  I love playing with paper crafts. They are certainly my favorite type of craft and I’m always finding new types of paper crafts and new patterns that I like to play with.  The possibilities are endless and it is a very inexpensive craft to enjoy.   By changing the theme of the cards you make and the colors and patterns of the paper you used, you can really use the same instructions to make a wide variety of cute Valentines Day cards.

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How to teabag fold this cute Valentine's Day card

Cute Valentines Day Cards

This cute Valentines Day card is made with a paper craft technique called teabag folding.   Teabag folding was created originally in Holland where they really did fold the paper teabag envelopes.  Since we don’t have those available any longer, teabag folding is now done with small identical squares of paper in a variety of patterns and colors.

 Teabag folding is typically done with eight squares of paper that are folded exactly the same way and interlocked in some way. While you can purchase teabag folding papers or tiles from the craft store, it’s very easy to find free printable sites where you can print off your own.


1 sheet of 8 individual teabag folding papers or tiles, all the same pattern
1 notecard, blank & envelope
clear glue stick
personal paper cutter or scissors


  •  Cut each tile out carefully using a personal paper cutter or scissors.
  • Trim off any of the black lines around the images so you see only the pattern.
  • Fold eight pieces in the kite fold.
Cute Valentines Day Cards
  • Turn the piece over so the fold is on the bottom and fold the tail up on each kite to the center.
Cute Valentines Day Cards
  • Nest each piece into half of the tail’s fold as shown in the picture to form a flower.
Cute Valentines Day Cards
  • Once the flower is formed, glue each piece down/together carefully using a glue stick.
  • Print out a cute Valentine poem or saying and glue to the card or attach with a brad.
  • Glue the flower to the card.

By varying the patterns and colors  you use and the saying that you choose for the front of the card, this one craft will allow you to make all sorts of cute Valentines Day cards.

Cute Valentines Day Cards


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