Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Tips That Taste Amazing

Have you ever tried to put together a heart healthy Thanksgiving dinner? Both my Mom and my husband have heart and high blood pressure issues. So, when I prepare foods, I try to keep in mind dietary restrictions and adapt the recipes that I use.

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Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Tips That Taste Amazing

Heart Healthy Thanksgiving

In addition to making recipes heart health friendly, my daughter is gluten intolerant and I try to follow the Paleo diet. You might think that finding foods everyone can enjoy is impossible with these restrictions. But, you’d be wrong. It’s possible to have a heart healthy Thanksgiving dinner that works for everyone in our family.

What is a heart healthy diet?

It’s important to understand what makes up a heart healthy diet. Heart healthy diets are typically lower in saturated fats and sodium.  They also include more vegetables and whole grains.

Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Tips That Taste Amazing

Ways to make Thanksgiving healthier

One of the easiest ways to make Thanksgiving healthier is to practice moderation. There is nothing wrong with a small serving of your most favorite Thanksgiving treat unless your doctor has said otherwise. But, that doesn’t mean you need to have a serving of every dessert on the dessert table.

Guilt Free Easy Pumpkin Custard Recipe

Lighten up Thanksgiving recipes

Instead of making your stuffing from bread cubes, make it from brown rice. Brown rice is a whole grain and it is better for you than bread. This brown rice and apple stuffing is a great choice. Try my easy pumpkin custard recipe that is dairy, gluten, and sugar-free instead of traditional pumpkin pie.

Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Tips That Taste Amazing

Healthy Thanksgiving sides

Of course, what is Thanksgiving without side dishes? Thankfully, many of the Thanksgiving favorites in our home are already heart healthy. Instead of mashed sweet or Idaho potatoes, try baked and skip the butter. Instead, try adding a small spoonful of plain Greek yogurt to the top. Use a fat separator when you make your gravy.

If you want a few new side dishes to try, how about this Beet and Apple Salad that uses apple cider vinegar or these sweet potatoes with apple butter. I make this butternut squash with maple recipe almost every year.

Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Tips That Taste Amazing

Healthy Thanksgiving dessert recipes

I know, dessert is just where it’s at for Thanksgiving. Who wants to give up their pumpkin pie? I know it’s a big hit at our home. If you’re looking for healthy Thanksgiving dessert recipes, here are a few to try.

Focus on family not food

All too often, Thanksgiving becomes all about the food. While the dinner was certainly part of the Pilgrim’s Thanksgiving, it was a very, very tiny part of it. Instead, it was a time to be thankful for what they had. Try having the kids make this gratitude journal and print out this Thanksgiving printable and let everyone color it.

Remember, it’s OK to enjoy your favorites on Thanksgiving. Just make sure that you do so in moderation. One piece of pie or one helping of mashed potatoes is not a bad thing. But if you load up your plate with nothing but splurges, you may regret your choices tomorrow.

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  1. We follow a heart healthy diet too! I like that it's not hard to modify your favorite recipes to be heart healthy. When my uncle comes over for a holiday dinner, he doesn't even notice the difference in taste.

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