Make a Gratitude Journal from a Paper Bag

Last Updated on August 16, 2023 by Ellen Christian

I decided to learn how to make a gratitude journal to help remind myself to act with kindness. Find out how to make an easy paper bag journal.

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How to Make a Gratitude Journal

 I know we all know that’s how we should act but sometimes we get busy, we get stressed, we get overtired or we just don’t think about what we’re saying before we say it.

Have you ever had something happen and the first thing that pops into your head is what’s wrong with or why it bothers you?

Can you turn it around and make it something you’re grateful for instead? Maybe you have a deadline at work and your child has interrupted you for the one-hundredth time that morning?

Don’t think about the interruption. Think about how grateful you are to have a child to interrupt you.

When I was trying to figure out how to make a gratitude journal, I wanted to find something easy. I don’t have a lot of special bookmaking tools and supplies.

This isn’t something I do all the time so I didn’t want to invest a lot of money into it.  Thankfully, I remembered that you can make journals from paper bags and decided to try it that way.


  • 6 to 10 paper lunch bags
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon to bind
  • Things to embellish your book (stickers, brads, eyelets, scrapbook items, bows, paper)

Making a gratitude journal

  • Take your paper lunch bags and set them on top of each other, alternating directions.
  • Fold them in half to create the pages in the book & press firmly on the fold which will be the spine.

How to make a gratitude journal

  • Punch 3 holes in the spine. This is where you will bind them.
  • Cut scrapbook paper or book board if you have it to the size of your book and place one on the front and one on the back. Punch matching holes. This is the cover.

How to make a gratitude journal

  • Tie each hole tightly with ribbon. You can use an eyelet in each if you have them but it’s not required.

How to make a gratitude journal

  • Decorate the cover in whatever theme you like

Now that you know how to make a gratitude journal, you can begin doodling, writing or decorating the pages inside.  

Each time you find yourself thinking about something or someone in an unkind way, remember to use your gratitude journal to turn those thoughts around.

I hope these gratitude journal ideas have inspired you.

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17 thoughts on “Make a Gratitude Journal from a Paper Bag”

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  6. i absolutely love this it is so cute and love the name of it "gratitude journal" it looks easy to make yet sturdy and cute! i think i will make this for my teen daughter and write some things in it to remind her just how much i love her :) thx for sharing!
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  12. OK, a journal out of paper bags?!  You are my hero! This is a fantastic idea.  I'm all about simplicity too, plus I am a bit of  a stationery addict so this combo suits me just fine.  Love it.  Thanks for sharing.  Nice to meet you via "WonderfulWednesday" blog hop.
  13. How cute Ellen - this would be perfect for a birthday gift or for Mother's Day.  I love it!!  Something personal always means so much! Pinned and tweeted this one! :)  ...also praying you have a fun and safe trip! :)

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