Ten tips to make your life easier & more efficient on the go #officiallatte

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Like most overworked moms, I spend a lot of my day on the run. I run several home based businesses, two blogs, and a part time job. My schedule varies wildly from day to day and I’m never quite sure what I’m going to be doing where or when. This requires a great deal of organization or I will just completely loose my mind and not accomplish anything that needs to be done. Here are a few tips for making your life easier and more efficient while on the go.

1. Have a family calendar where each member is responsible for putting all of their commitments. We have ours on the refrigerator. All my work commitments, my daughter’s work schedule, my son’s football games, my husband’s doctor appointments, etc. are all written on the correct spot as soon as we know about them. Check the calendar for tomorrow every single night after dinner so there are no surprises when your son tells you he needs 48 cupcakes that day for a class party.

2. Pack healthy snacks in individual portions and keep them in the refrigerator at all times. When I’m hungry, I want a snack now so I grab several to take with me in the car while I’m on the go. If I don’t have something ready made for me to grab in the refrigerator, I will stop for junk on the road. Get little tubs and fill them with carrot sticks, grapes, trail mix, pretzels or whatever else hits the spot and is easy to snack on.

3. Always carry a planner or notepad with you on the road. Now that I have an iPad 2, I make sure to carry that with me and use the notepad app. You never know when you’ll need to jot down a phone number, address, reminder to add something to your calendar, question to ask your husband or anything else that you’ll certainly forget if you don’t write it down.

4. When kids are little, pack a busy bag to spur of the moment runs out. Ours always had things like coloring books and crayons, matchbox cars, board books, or any other *new to them* toy that would keep them occupied for a few minutes.

5. Keep a first aid kit and box of wipes in the car. I can’t tell you how many times I have been out with the kids and needed a bandaid, a Tylenol or wipes to clean off dirty faces and hands. Not having your own means you have to find a store to buy it in which makes you even more behind schedule than normal.

6. Have a few favorite crockpot meals for those days that you have to be gone all day. Put it in the crockpot in the morning and you won’t be tempted to hit the pizza place on the way home. Great money saver and time saver as well.

7. Combine your errands so you accomplish as many as possible at once. No need to run out every single day especially with the price of gas the way it is. Do them all at once and try to limit trips to twice a week. You’ll get so much more done if you don’t have to leave home ever single day.

8. Make a list of things you absolutely must accomplish. Put the most important at the top and work your way down the list each day. Cross off each item as you accomplish it. What you don’t get done that day, move to the top of the list tomorrow.

9. Make sure you have coffee the night before. Running out of coffee is an emergency in my house. Without multiple coffees in the morning, I don’t function. If I don’t function, nobody functions. When I’m pressed for time, I grab a Seattles Best Coffee Iced Latte and treat myself to something cold and caffeinated. What a great way to be refreshed on a hot summer day! Don’t forget to grab your coupon!

10. Take time to breathe. If you are stressed out and running around like a lunatic, you will forget something. Take a deep breath. Start at the top and proceed in a logical and semi sane order 🙂

What are your tips for making life easier and more efficient on the go? How do you make sure that things run smoothly and stay on course? I know I can always use more tips!

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  1. Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie says:
    These are great tips! I'd add always keep a packet of tissues with you. You never know when you need to blow your nose, wipe a tear, catch a bug, clean up a little mess...
  2. Jennifer says:
    Great tips!
    -Jennifer, Jennifer's Deals
  3. Our Village is a Little Different says:
    Those are all good tips. Especially #10!!

    ps- everybody laughs at my over preparedness, but I never hear any complaints when I have just the right thing at just the right time.. LOL
  4. annalene says:
    Awesome tips! I posted some of mine on my site if you want to check them out as well :


    A lot of ours are similar which means we must both be on point! :)

    Didn't consider your tip #6 when I was writing mine, that is a GREAT one.
  5. Thanks for the great tips!
  6. Momma Teri says:
    I really like tip 6. I have owned a crockpot for four years and used it maybe 3x. My mom keeps telling me over and over to use the d**n thing or give it to someone who will. When we visit her, she still cooks in hers probably at least once a week. I need to start soon since the kids are getting older and my life is busier. Any timesaver that results in a yummy meal is worth putting thought into.
  7. Packing things the night before and keeping hand sanitizer along at all times!
  8. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing. :)
  9. Cuzinlogic says:
    These are great tips that will definitely come in handy during my busy summer schedule.
  10. Thanks for the ideas! :)

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