Simple Ways to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

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Several years ago, I was sick all the time with a cold, the flu, infections, etc. I had gained forty pounds and was tired constantly. I never had any energy and seriously wanted a nap every day at 2pm. I got winded just carrying a full laundry basket up and down the stairs. I knew that something had to change and I started looking for simple ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. This post has been sponsored.

Simple Ways to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

I stress the word “simple” in this healthy living search because at the time, I had two young children, worked full time and my husband had injured his back and was out of work. I was doing everything myself and I did not have an extra 5 minutes in my day to do anything else. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a difficult process. There are many simple ways to lead a healthy lifestyle that take very little, if any, time at all.

  • Watch what you eat. No, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Start eliminating the processed foods from your grocery cart. Replace things like frozen pizzas, pudding, cookies and chicken nuggets with healthier alternatives. Make a chicken breast for dinner. Grab a bag of baby carrots or a piece of fruit for snack.
  • Drink water. No, diet soda is not good for you and neither is its full sugar alternative. Studies have actually shown that diet sodas can make you gain weight. Drink water. You’ll flush out your system with no extra calories. Add a slice of lemon or lime if you like.

  • Get more sleep. I still struggle with this one. Try to go to bed at a more reasonable hour so that you feel refreshed in the morning – or at least more refreshed than if you stayed up till 2am.
  • Watch the caffeine. This is another area I struggle with still but I am working on reducing the number of cups of coffee I drink each day. Try cutting back by one a day and see how it goes.
  • Get some exercise. I know that exercise takes time but it’s easier than you think to add a few minutes each day. Walk the dog a bit further. Throw the frisbee to the kids. Park further away in the parking lot. Take the stairs and not the elevator. When you have time, try fitting in a 30 minute walk or bike ride.
  • Replace some of the protein you get from meat and dairy with plant protein. It can be better for you and better for the environment.

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