Controlling Allergens In Your Home

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Controlling allergens in your home is something I need to be aware of for my family.  My daughter has asthma and has ended up in the emergency room several times with asthma attacks. Living in Vermont, we heat with a combination of both wood and oil.  When we heat with wood, we use our wood stove.   When we heat with oil, we use our forced hot air furnace.  Heating with wood can cause extra dust and ash to be present in the home.  When the forced hot air furnace comes on, it blows the dust around the room no matter how often I sweep and vacuum.

Controlling allergens in your home

Controlling Allergens In Your Home

By working on controlling allergens in your home, you can help keep your allergies under control.  One of the most important things that you can do is to try to control the dust and dust mites.  Dusting regularly and washing your sheets and blankets in hot water is the best way to do this.  Don’t forget to was curtains and throw pillow covers as well.

If you are allergic to your pets, you may need to consider limiting them to only certain areas of your home.  It may be necessary to keep pets out of your bedroom so they do not get on the bed.  At the very minimum, you will want to make certain that you vacuum and sweep floors regularly to get rid of any pet dander and extra pet hair that may accumulate.

Controlling allergens in your home

People that are allergic to mold should make certain that they are cleaning their bathrooms well to remove any mold or mildew that might build up in damp or wet areas. Don’t forget other areas of your home like the basement or kitchen.

Since winters in Vermont are so long, we easily run our forced hot air furnace six months out of every year.  We make sure that we change our furnace filter every three months.  The filter works to remove dust, pet hair and other contaminants from the air.  That means that they are not blowing around in our home and bothering my daughter’s allergies.

Filtrete has an Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filter for our furnace.  This filter is ideal for allergen defense because it helps capture up to 93% of large airborne particles like dust, pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris.  It also helps capture four times more microscopic particles like smoke, smog, pet dander and particles that can carry bacteria and viruses.

You can find Filtrete filters at mass retailers for a MSRP of $19.99.

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