Overcoming a Weight Loss Slump

Last Updated on June 12, 2020 by Ellen Christian

It’s not easy to overcome a weight loss lump or to make any type of permanent behavior change. It takes a lot of motivation, encouragement, and self-control. And, since losing weight is often influenced by a combination of behaviors (food, exercise, wellness), it can take even more motivation to stick to it and get out of that slump.

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Overcoming a Weight Loss Slump and Getting Motivated Again

I just learned about a new program called flip50 to help me get out of this slump and back into healthy living again. flip50 is a healthy lifestyle program designed specifically for those of us that are 50 and up. It helps you stay motivated to eat well, exercise, and take time to deal with stress. It’s a personalized program that adapts to fit your busy lifestyle.

flip50 Healthy Lifestyle Program

flip50 provides everything you need to get on track with healthy living including recipe suggestions, exercise motivation, and wellness tips like getting enough sleep and restoring balance in your life. Plus, a flip50 subscription gives you access to over 10,000 gyms and classes at fitness locations across the country.

Overcoming a Weight Loss Slump and Getting Motivated Again

Adults 50+ know their health is important. They need solutions that accommodate their busy lifestyles, offer personalized guidance, and address physiological changes they face. flip50 offers custom-guided activities designed for adults 50+.

The flip50 app is a digital companion to the website and it’s great to have that available on the go. If you’re like me, you’re not always at home when you most need the motivation to stay healthy. Another great feature of the app is it allows you to “Invite a Friend” to join you on your journey so you can inspire each other.

Find out more and download the app today to get started. I’ll be sharing more about how flip50 is helping me overcome a weight loss slump.

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