15 Quick and Simple Meal Ideas Using Beef

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Now that school is back in session, many moms are looking for simple meal ideas that they can have on the table fast for dinner. My kids are out of school now, but I still don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen making dinner. To be honest, I often forget to plan dinner until my husband asks me what we’re having. Then, I turn to a few of my favorite standby’s.

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15 Quick and Simple Meal Ideas for Busy Moms Using Beef


Simple Meal Ideas for Busy Moms

One of the biggest problems I have with sticking to a healthy eating plan is a lack of planning. I know, I’ve written about how important it is to plan ahead. And, I do keep these paleo approved snacks on hand so I make healthy snack choices.

My big struggle is still dinner time. I’m never sure how many people I’m cooking for now that my son and his fiance have moved back home for a while. I put off defrosting something until I know and it’s often too late.

But, here are a few recipes I regularly turn to on my busiest nights. Of course, my slow cooker and my Instant Pot are both a huge help.

15 Quick and Simple Meal Ideas for Busy Moms Using Beef

When I’m cooking beef for dinner, I always look for the Certified Angus Beef® brand logo on the package. The Certified Angus Beef® brand logo means that the beef has met ten standards for premium quality, including abundant marbling.

Marbling is the little white flecks within the red meat. These melt during cooking, basting beef from the inside out for mouthwatering flavor and juiciness. The Certified Angus Beef® brand is a cut above USDA Prime, Choice and Select grades.

For my readers that are local to me, you can find Certified Angus Beef® at your local Price Chopper store.

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15 Quick and Simple Meal Ideas for Busy Moms Using Beef

Family dinner ideas

Kids can be picky. But, these family dinner ideas are sure to be ones that they’ll enjoy. If you want an easy way to add vegetables, just pick up a bag salad mix at the store and a package of baby carrots and you’ll have a healthy meal on the table quickly.

15 Quick and Simple Meal Ideas for Busy Moms Using Beef

Dinner ideas for two

If your kids have grown up and moved out, you can try a few of these simple meal ideas that serve two. It took me a long time to get out of the mindset of cooking for 4-6 people every night. I kept making far more than my husband or I could finish. The good thing about that is that I always had leftovers the next day for lunch. Remember, when you have leftover steak, you can use it up in this frugal fried rice recipe.

15 Quick and Simple Meal Ideas for Busy Moms Using Beef

Easy dinner ideas for kids

These easy dinner ideas for kids will teach your kids to cook. That way, when they’re on their own, they won’t have to resort to boxed food or fast food because they have no cooking skills.

I really find that putting together a list of easy meal ideas for busy nights is the best time saver there is. I keep it simple using pantry staples so I don’t have to worry about running to the store for something I’m out of. And, I always keep a few basic cuts of beef in the freezer to work with. My top choices are chuck roast and stew meat because they’re affordable.

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